Samsung’s new investment in Texas is expected to accelerate the rebuilding of the U.S. supply chain and hurt China


When Samsung finally decided to choose a site for a new plant in the U.S., South Korean media was big in China’s ambition that investment would become a semiconductor giant as the U.S. moved to secure its own supply chain. He commented that it was expected to hit him.

Samsung announced on November 23 that it will invest $ 17 billion to build a new semiconductor manufacturing plant in Tailor, Texas. This is a major investment by a tech giant in the midst of a global shortage of semiconductor chips and is the largest investment ever in the United States.

The US Government and the Governor of Texas praised Samsung’s bold investment plans.

In a press release, Samsung expects the new facility to directly create over 2,000 high-tech jobs and thousands of additional related jobs.

“This shows Samsung’s greater focus on the US supply chain, and we can see that Samsung is participating in and supporting the US-led supply chain restructuring,” said Melitz Securities of South Korea. Lee Jin-woo, Head of Investment Strategy Group, told the Epoch Times.

“Korea is much more likely to strengthen its ties with the United States, at least in the tech sector,” he added.

In a December 1 editorial entitled “South Korea and Taiwan join the US semiconductor alliance and hit China hard,” the Korea Times said the alliance “delayed the rise of China’s semiconductor industry and in this area. The pursuit will be stagnant. “

In connection with these investments, the editors also said that tech companies like Samsung have increased their 5G market share after the United States approved Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

“Furthermore, the restricted export of core equipment from the United States to China has allowed Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix’s semiconductor sector to easily overtake the pursuit of CCP in the global market, especially in the non-storage sector. “Korea Times editorial.

Samsung is not the only South Korean tech company that has decided to invest in the United States. SK Group and LG Corp. , And General Motors have all announced plans to invest not only in semiconductors, but also in various US technology sectors such as battery, hydrogen technology, energy solutions and electric vehicles.

Epoch Times reporter Lee Yun-jun contributed to this report.