Samsung’s new ISOCELL HP1 sensor has reached 200 million pixels


Samsung ISOCELL HP1 & GN5


The pixel war in the mobile phone industry does not seem to end. Earlier Samsung announced a brand new ISOCELL HP1 The photoreceptor raised the ceiling of the industry’s pixel count to 200 million pixels for the first time. The CMOS size of this 200MP (16,384 x 12,288) is 1/1.22 inches, with a single pixel of 0.64μm. It has the new ChameleonCell pixel combining technology, which can carry out four-in-one or sixteen-in-one pixels. In the 16-in-1 state, it is equivalent to shooting 12.5MP images with 2.56μm pixels. In terms of video recording, the HP1 can shoot up to 8K 30fps, and it also supports four-in-one pixel recording when recording 8K.

While revealing HP1, Samsung also brought another single pixel 1.0μm 50MP photoreceptor ISOCELL GN5. Its size is 1/1.57 inches and supports Dual Pixel Pro omnidirectional autofocus. In addition, it can also shoot 8K 30fps with four-in-one pixels. Although the name is larger than the previous GN1 and GN2, the product positioning is actually more like Samsung’s response to the Sony IMX766.

Samsung mentioned in the press release that both ISOCELL HP1 and GN5 have begun to provide samples, and I believe that the phones equipped with them should not take too long to meet with you.