Samuel Alito deals with Supreme Court draft leak for the first time


Judge Samuel Alito of the Supreme Court, who drafted the leaked majority opinion, addressed the leak for the first time on Thursday, showing that the court is preparing to withdraw its groundbreaking Roe v. Wade abortion rights. ..

At an event at George Mason University’s Antoninskaria Law School, Arito answered the following question: “This is the theme I told myself I’m not going to talk about today. How did the judges get along? , According to the Washington Post..

Nine High Court Judges Meet Personally First time since Thursday morning Politico released Last week’s draft of Arito.

“Now the court is meeting and working this morning. We are picking up a new case and heading towards the end of our term. It’s always an enthusiastic time to get our opinion.” Said Arito.

“That’s where we are,” he continued.

Chief Justice John Roberts attends a meeting of lawyers and judges at a judicial meeting in Atlanta on May 5, and that “one bad apple” does not change the Supreme Court’s “people’s perception.” He said he wanted. According to CNN..

Former Roberts Confirm the authenticity of the leaked document And he said he ordered an investigation. The cause of the leak remains unknown..

Arito’s draft opinion became a problem in the decision to uphold the right to abortion in Law, and in later cases in the planned parent-child relationship vs. Casey. If a court decision expected within the next two months sticks to the draft Over 20 states It is set to completely prohibit abortion.

“Rho was terribly wrong from the beginning,” Arito wrote in the draft. “We believe that Law and Casey must be rejected … It’s time to pay attention to the Constitution and return the abortion issue to the elected representatives of the people.”

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