San Francisco restaurants flooded with 1-star reviews after the owner refused to serve three cops because of opposition to the gun

San Francisco Black Friday

San Francisco police officer.San Francisco Chronicle via Jessica Christian / Getty Images)

  • The San Francisco restaurant was flooded with 1-star reviews that refused to serve police officers.

  • Eating and drinking establishments Hilda and Jesse said police weapons made staff uncomfortable in “safe places.”

  • After the online backlash, the restaurant apologized and the owner said, “I didn’t handle this well.”

The San Francisco restaurant was flooded with hundreds of 1-star reviews after staff refused to serve the three armed police officers and asked them to leave.

The owners of Hilda and Jesse, North Beach’s breakfast restaurants, apologized for the incident after widespread backlash.

according to Posts shared by restaurants on Instagram, Three armed uniformed policemen came on Friday.

According to the post, the staff “discomforted with the existence of multiple weapons” and asked for “careful” evacuation.

The post describes the restaurant as a “safe place” and states that “the presence of police officers in the restaurant made us uncomfortable.” He said it was not a “political statement” to ask them to go.

In a statement emailed to San Francisco-based political critic Richie Greenberg, restaurant co-owner Rachel Silcock said the restaurant was “especially safe for queer and bipok individuals. The place “.

(BIPOC stands for Blacks, Indigenous Peoples, and Colored Races.)

She said police officers could have offended guests and staff.

After the Instagram post was published on Saturday, the restaurant was flooded with hundreds of 1-star reviews on Yelp.

Yelp Added a statement to the restaurant page The acceptance of the review stated that it was temporarily suspended because it had little to do with people’s actual eating experience.

Many of the reviews cited the decision to dismiss police officers. “We don’t endorse or endorse San Francisco’s business that discriminates against SFPD. It’s a shame !!!”

Sunday night, Sillcocks and co-owner Kristina Compton Another Instagram post..

“When we asked members of the San Francisco Police Department to leave the restaurant on Friday, we made a mistake and apologized for the unfortunate incident,” they said.

“We are grateful to all the members of the unit who are working hard to keep us safe, especially during these difficult times.

“We hope this will be a teaching moment for us as we continue to repair and build the bridge with the San Francisco Police Department.

“These were stressful times and we didn’t handle this well.”

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