San Francisco tourist shows how to track stolen packages on viral TikTok

A tourist from Vancouver described how he tracked down a man who allegedly stole a package from the trunk of his boyfriend’s parked car during a trip to San Francisco last month.

in the series of TikTok videos Posted on July 13th and July 14th, user @kelly wan0 She and her boyfriend said they checked out of the hotel in the morning, met friends and had lunch. gyoza homeStating that they took the luggage, Kelly admitted, “It was my first mistake. I shouldn’t have done that.”

I then parked on the street, which was my second mistake. In San Francisco you always have to park in the parking lot,” he continued the TikTok user. “But it was also midday. We put everything in the trunk with the cover up so we couldn’t see what was inside.”

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A TikTok user said she checked her boyfriend’s car after having lunch with a friend and found that everything was still there. They realized that “everything” was gone.

After visiting a friend’s apartment, we returned to our car. When I opened the car door, he noticed things like masks and shirts that weren’t ours, all over the seats,” Kelly explained, adding: Added. When they saw the previously purchased items in the back of the car, they realized it was really their car.

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Kelly said her boyfriend went to the trunk to check her luggage and saw hers missing. Kelly claimed the robbers “robbed me of two of my luggage, his backpack, and everything else, but gave me his shoes and a bouquet of roses.”

Also, none of the windows had been broken, so I don’t even know how they got into the car. Either you didn’t lock the car properly or you forced the car door open. I don’t know,” Kelly added. After she called 911 to report the incident, the dispatcher suggested she and her boyfriend head to the nearest police station as it would be quicker than waiting for authorities to arrive at the scene of the crime. .

Upon arriving at the station, Kelly said he saw two other victims reporting a similar incident to police, one of whom said his car had been stolen.

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Using the “Find My” feature on her iPad, Kelly is said to have been able to locate the location (a six-unit apartment complex). The location is said to be only 30 minutes drive from their location.

Kelly called the police department in the city where her belongings were believed to have been, and said the police could conduct a civil wait. explained that it would not be allowed.

She then shared that her boyfriend went to inquire about her belongings and offered a reward, but his efforts were in vain as he and Kelly still didn’t know which apartment the belongings were in.

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Police allegedly told them they couldn’t do anything unless they got a search warrant. That required substantial evidence, and Kelly’s “Find My” results weren’t enough.

During the search, Kelly said he noticed surveillance cameras in the house across from the apartment complex. She and her boyfriend asked the home owner if they could examine the camera footage, and the owner agreed.

It was initially difficult to tell the thieves’ vehicles from the footage, but Kelly said she noticed one vehicle that “fits perfectly into the break-in timeline.” “We drove ourselves, so it took us 30 minutes to drive from the place to the address,” he explained.

However, according to Kelly, the car’s alleged owner denied stealing anything during questioning. She shared that “location suddenly turned off” on her iPad shortly after her boyfriend had previously finished knocking on a housing complex resident’s door.

According to Kelly, the boyfriend lost his work phone and about $10,000 worth of items, including four pairs of shoes, cosmetics, clothing, skin care products, a laptop, an iPad and a hair dryer.

“I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else,” she says at the end of her final video.

via main image @kelly wan0