Sanctions follow “first Russian toes” in Ukraine, Britain’s Johnson warns

Britain and its western allies are ready to begin sanctions against Russia “the moment the first Russian toes further invade Ukraine’s territory,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

At a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on February 1, Johnson said Britain and its allies “always defend freedom and democracy in the face of aggression, Ukraine’s sovereignty. “.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hold a crisis negotiation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on February 1, 2022 in Kiev, Ukraine. (PA)

He said Moscow must understand that there is “automation” in the way sanctions are applied, “at the moment of further invasion of Ukraine’s sovereign territory to which they apply.”

Mr Johnson said the buildup of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border is probably the greatest hostile act “against Ukraine” in our lifetime.

But any dispute will cost Russia a lot. “Ukrainian troops will fight. They will have very, very, very fierce, bloody resistance, and I think Russian parents, mothers should reflect on that fact,” the Prime Minister said. Said.

Johnson denies that the threat is exaggerated by the United States and Britain, and intelligence shows “clear and present danger” to Ukraine, along with “preparation for all sorts of operations consistent with imminent military operations.” Emphasized.

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Ukrainian soldiers investigate tanks on January 31, 2022 in a military unit near Kharkov, Ukraine. (Andrew Marienko / AP Photo)

The Prime Minister said that “the entire European security structure” was under threat when Russia “held a gun at the leaders of Ukraine.”

He said Russian President Vladimir Putin “repainted the security map of Europe” and “is trying to impose a new Yalta, a new sphere of influence.”

A joint statement released after Johnson met with Zelensky outlined how Britain “compared with Ukraine in the face of an ongoing Russian aggression.”

“Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine is a major strategic mistake and will cost a great deal of humanity,” the statement said.

Ukraine and the United Kingdom “work together to strengthen Ukraine’s security and self-defense capabilities,” he said.

Also on February 1, Sir Tony Radakin, Chief of Defense Chief of Defense of the United Kingdom, provided the Minister with the latest information on the situation in Ukraine.

“A significant portion of Russia’s land combat power has now been concentrated on the western border, coupled with deterrence operations such as unprecedented military exercises,” he said at a cabinet meeting.

He told the minister that he “fitted into a pattern of coercion and intimidation that tried to undermine Western values ​​and principles.”

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