Sand sculptors want the creation of the beach to honor the victim’s building

Surfside, Florida (AP) —Issac Meek sweated early Friday as he finished his tribute to the lives lost in the collapse of Florida’s buildings. The shadow of tragedy.

A 21-year-old Miami Gardens hotel worker, using only a rake and the tip of a handle, worked shirtless for about two hours in the burning sun of Florida, sculpting, digging sand, stacking, I drew waves and roses. A berm with a height of 1 foot.

He said his father proposed a project as a way to honor those who died in the collapse of the building last week. 20 people have died and 128 are missing Comfort your family.

“I have always been able to inspire others with this single talent,” said Meek, who has been carving sand for three years. “I want to use my talents to influence others.”

Meek made his sculpture inland enough to be safe from the water, but maybe not from a tractor that cleans and fluffs the sand every morning. He wants the driver to notice his work and leave it alone.

“I made it in detail so that the tractor could understand it,” he said.

Meek hopes that if the victim’s family comes across his work, they will get some peace from it.

“They are still here,” Meek said, touching his chest. “Whoever you lose, they are still watching over you.”

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