Sarah Palin is backed by former NHL star Ron Duguay after being slammed at a restaurant in New York

previous Alaska Governor Sarah Palin – Known for praising “Cold as Ice” – This week we received timely support from a former Hockey Star.NHL Ron Dugay.

It happened on Wednesday when the photographer started asking Palin about her recent things. coronavirus She and Duguay, a former member New York RangersI was eating with my friends at the restaurant New York City.

Palin was at Big Apple for her Defamation trial Against New York Times, She was postponed until next month because she tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

An unnamed photographer began recording Palin eating dinner with Duguay and three others at Erio’s Italian restaurant in Manhattan. Palin first turned to the photographer and waved from the outdoor tent where the group was eating.

“Hello, is anyone worried that she tested positive for COVID? I’m just curious,” the photographer asks.

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64-year-old Duguay stands up and approaches him, asking, “Are you looking for trouble?”

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Sarah Palin and Ron Dugay. Getty Images

“Are you going to hurt me?” The photographer asks before Duguay seems to knock out the camera from his hand.

Sarah Palin delays defamation trial against The New York Times until Friday and tests positive for COVID

Palin’s dinner violated Federal COVID-19’s five-day quarantine guidelines, but the restaurant New York post It wasn’t their concern.

“People come to eat, we are not border guards,” the employee reportedly told the publication.

However, the restaurant said it complied with the city’s vaccination obligations by having Palin’s party sit outdoors in sub-zero weather (in a tent with a heat lamp).Palin said she has no plans to get it so far Vaccination..

According to the New York Daily News, the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate ate at the same restaurant on Saturday but did not show the required vaccination card. The city said the restaurant would not be fined because her admission fee was not officially documented.

The photographer contacted the police about the incident in Daily News, and police confirmed that they had responded and said the problem had been resolved. No other details are given.

Erio’s manager, Luca Guaitrini Daily News: “Unfortunately, I went ahead. I’ve answered all the questions since Wednesday. What should I say? We are spaghetti people.”

In a statement, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said, “By repeatedly ignoring the CDC guidelines, Palin completely ignores the health and safety of small business workers and their fellow patrons. I showed that I was there. “

Palin was asked to test the virus on Monday in connection with her trial.