Sarah Palin’s lawyer has begun a defamation trial, saying the New York Times should be held accountable for the “horrible” editorial that ties her to gunshots.

Sarah Palin New York Federal Court

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin arrived in Manhattan’s federal court after being postponed for a positive Covid-19 test in New York City on February 3, 2022, resuming a lawsuit against the New York Times. did.Spencer Platt / Getty Images

  • Sarah Palin’s defamation proceedings against the New York Times began on Thursday.

  • It was delayed after Palin tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

  • This trial may provide the Supreme Court with an opportunity to review the “actual malice” standards of defamation law.

Sarah Palin’s lawyer asked the jury on Thursday to confirm that the New York Times was responsible for the “horrible” 2017 editorial defamation.

In a federal court in Manhattan, Palin’s lawyer Shane Vokto made an opening statement on behalf of the former Governor of Alaska and the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. He said the 2017 editorial, which linked her political rhetoric to the 2011 shootings in Arizona, reflected a “history of prejudice” and a “story” against Palin.

“There was no established connection between Governor Palin and his shooting,” Vogt said. “There was no link to show that Palin was responsible for the deaths of six people.”

The 2017 editorial followed the case with a man with a history of opposition to the Republican Party Shot by US Congressman Stephen Scallis And another group of right-wing lawmakers. A Times article appears in the Opinion section, with a previous shooting in 2011 when another man shot and killed a Democrat Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, injuring her and killing six others. Shown the relationship. According to the first edition of the editorial, Palin contributed to a violent reticle culture as her political action committee posted an image of Gifford’s district under the crosshairs on Facebook. ..

Times Corrected the article the next dayAdmits that there was no established link between Palin’s Commission post and Gifford’s shooting, but Palin complained anyway. She is seeking unspecified damages.

Trial is at the heart of defamation law

Palin’s proceedings are against the Times, which was tried in the United States for the first time in 18 years. According to the Washington Post.. Since Palin is a public figure, the jury must find that James Bennett, the director of the Times and the former editorial page, and co-defendant of the case, acted “actually malice.” Or he was recklessly ignoring the truth.

The case is brought to justice as two right-wing Supreme Court judges, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch. Proposed The High Court revisits the New York Times v. Sullivan, a groundbreaking 1964 Supreme Court proceeding that set the standard for “actual malice.” Peyrin filed a proceeding in federal court, which was finally considered by the Supreme Court at the time of the appeal, giving him the opportunity to reconsider the standards of US defamation law.

In his opening statement, Times lawyer David Axelrod said Bennett “almost slept that night,” and made corrections as soon as he noticed the mistake.

“Bennet and the board were particularly conscious of not writing one-sided works,” Axelrod said. “The goal is to hold both parties accountable. Both the political left and the political right are responsible for the inflammatory rhetoric that unnecessarily demonizes political enemies.”

Sarah Palin New York Times Case

2008 Republican Vice Presidential Candidate and Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, arrived in a US court in Manhattan, New York City, USA on February 3, 2022, in a trial for her defamation case against the New York Times.Reuters / Brendan MacDermid

The trial resumed on Thursday morning after a brief jury trial selection. Initially scheduled to start on January 24th, I’m late After Palin, who opposes the use of a safe coronavirus vaccine, tested positive for COVID-19. Palin ate at the restaurant at least twice after her positive test. Encourage New York City officials Encourage everyone who comes across her to take the test.

Palin, like Bennett, will testify in a trial that is expected to last up to two weeks.

“What am I trying to achieve? Justice for those who expect the truth of the media,” Palin told reporters in court Thursday morning. According to Reuters..

The first witness Vogt was brought to the stand was a writer on the Times editorial board in 2017 and a Times reporter who wrote the first draft of an article claiming that Palin had defamed her. It was Elizabeth Williamson.

Williamson’s draft did not mention Palin. Bennett, who was in charge of the Times Opinion section at the time, added it to the editorial before publishing it on the Times website. Most of the questions Vogt asked Williamson on Thursday afternoon were about her draft research and emails exchanged with other Times staff.

Jed Rakov, a US district judge who oversees the case, said he would send a jury home around 3:30 on Thursday and resume the trial at 9 am on Friday.

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