Saskatchewan Center Amber Alert Children Found Safe

The two children at the center of the Saskatchewan Amber Alert, along with their mother and suspect, were found safe in the United States, police said Wednesday.

“Early this morning, the Saskatchewan RCMP was informed by our U.S. law enforcement partners that four individuals on the Amber Alert were found in Saskatchewan and South Dakota and are with South Dakota officials,” it said. Mounty said in a release. .

South Dakota’s Turner County Sheriff’s Office said an extended Amber Alert to the area was canceled.

Saskatchewan’s RCMP previously said the children were believed to have been with a convicted sex offender.

“We are very concerned about the health of those children,” RCMP Chief Supt. Tyler Bates said at a news conference Tuesday.

“We feel they are in danger.”

An arrest warrant was issued Tuesday for Benjamin Martin Moore, 50, for failing to report information required for a convicted sex offender within seven days after a change of address.

Bates said Moore had a history of sexual offenses against children and was previously convicted of sexually interfering with a minor.

When he left with the children and their mother, he was being investigated by social services.

Officers last week went to his East End home southwest of Regina to interrogate Moore, but found the house abandoned.

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