Saskatchewan demands answers from Guilbeau after federal government is accused of ‘trespassing’ on private property

The state of Saskatchewan is seeking answers from federal environment minister Stephen Guilbeau after receiving multiple reports from farmers that federal employees were “trespassing” on their land to test water sources.

Prime Minister Scott Mo Twitter on August 21 It asked Guilbeault to explain “why his department would trespass on private property and take water samples from digs without the owner’s permission.”

In Moe’s tweet, letter From Jeremy Cockrill, Saskatchewan’s Minister for Water Safety, farmers in the Pence, Mosbank and Pilot Butte areas said, “Government of Canada officials entered private property in clearly marked Government of Canada vehicles. I have raised concerns that the ”

“When contacted by growers, these employees indicated they were testing water sources for pesticide/nitrate levels,” the Aug. 21 letter said.

“Both the land and water bodies that are the producer’s bargain are privately owned. Government representatives of Canada will ask landowners for permission to enter, ask for permission to conduct inspections, or otherwise require attendance. We did not advise landowners as to their purpose.”

On August 19, Levi Wood, former president of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA), posted on Twitter a photo of a car with two men on an unnamed property, prompting his followers to I asked if I’d ever encountered a federal employee conducting an exam. their land.

“Did anyone see a Canadian government SUV taking water samples from your bunker? They said ‘checking for pesticides’ # create analyticssaid Wood, who runs a family farm in Pence.

Cockrill warned Guilbeau that if staff sent from Ottawa did not seek permission to access private property, they would be prosecuted or arrested. . Sites where entry is prohibited by this law. ”

Cockrill stressed that violating the law would have “serious consequences,” including fines of up to $200,000 and imprisonment of up to six months.

The Epoch Times reached out to Environment and Climate Change Canada for comment, but the agency did not provide a response by the time of publication.

In his letter Cockrill was suggested Canadian Water AgencyThe federal government works with states and territories to figure out how to keep freshwater “safe, clean and well-managed.”

However, he reminded Guilbeault that water quality management is still under the jurisdiction of the states and that the federal government should never interfere.

“Your government has demonstrated that it will not infringe on provincial jurisdiction and will work in partnership with provincial governments while discussing the establishment of the Canadian Water Agency,” the letter said.

“Your attempt to covertly test private waters in this manner, without cooperating with the Saskatchewan Water Security Authority or Saskatchewan government departments, has only caused unnecessary fear and confusion among the public. Rather, it shows an act of regrettable malice.”

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based reporter for the Epoch Times.