Saskatchewan parliamentarians show support for protesting opposition in Ottawa

A group of Saskatchewan parliamentarians heads for a “free convoy” protest in downtown Ottawa on February 2, demanding that truck drivers occupying the country’s capital abolish restrictive pandemic measures. I supported that.

“Some of the members of SK Caucus thanked the diligent and patriotic truck driver for keeping the supply chain healthy and storing grocery shelves for the past two years.” I have written On Twitter.

“It’s great to see Canadians defending freedom on Parliamentary Hill.”

War attached two photos to his post holding the Saskatchewan flag tied to the truck. In one of the photos, Senator Dennis Batter and MP Warren Steinley, Andrew Scheer, Fraser Tormy, and Rosemary Falk are accompanied.

Saskatchewan has 14 seats in the House of Commons, all of which are held by conservatives.

Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson responded to War atWetCiting the pressure caused by the protests against the locals, he said it was “absolute shame” to praise the truck driver.

The protest organizers released a press release on February 2 to address residents’ concerns, but they also said they would stay as long as it took.

“Our message to the citizens of Ottawa is one of our sympathies. We understand your dissatisfaction and sincerely hope that we had another way to convey our message. But the responsibility for your inconvenience is [preferred] Instead of having a respectful and serious dialogue, it’s about blaming us and calling our name, “said organizer Chris Barber.

“The fastest way to get us out of the country’s capital is to call the elected representatives and do all the C-19 missions, as Britain did two weeks ago, Sweden and Switzerland today. Is to finish. “

The protest, which began as a transnational fleet before arriving in the capital on January 29, was triggered by a vaccine directive introduced on January 15 for truck drivers across the Canadian-US border. .. Since then, it has attracted supporters in Canada and around the world who want to put an end to pandemic restrictions.

Ottawa police reported three arrests this week in connection with the protest, without providing accurate details of the situation. Police are also beginning to be proactive in enforcing city ordinances. announcement On February 2, 30 tickets were issued for violations such as fuel can horns and unsafe transportation.

After tens of thousands of people participated in the protest last weekend, the numbers fell on weekdays, but organizers expect the numbers to rise again this weekend.

“We are here and will not go anywhere until we have achieved our goal of confirming the end of all C-19 missions and thereby confirming the restoration of freedom for all Canadians.” Said the organizer in a statement.

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.