Satellite imagery that is said to show the strengthening of the Russian army

Satellite photographs showing Russian military tents and administrative areas near the Ukrainian border from October 18th to November 26th, 2021. (Screenshot via Maxar / Epoch Times via AP)

Satellite images taken last month are said to indicate that Russian troops have strengthened near the Ukrainian border amid western concerns that military concentration may foretell plans for a Kremlin attack on a neighboring country. increase.

Maxar Technologies released images taken from October 18th to November 26th in both Russia and Crimea on Sunday.

US intelligence officials have determined that Russia has gathered about 70,000 troops near the Ukrainian border and began planning a possible aggression early next year.

The presence of an army very close to Ukraine is expected to dominate the call between President Vladimir Putin and President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

Moscow denied hatching plans to attack Ukraine and rejected Western concerns as part of its efforts to slander Russia.

Associated Press