“Saturday Night Live” is hosted by tapping Elon Musk.I am not joking

File-This March 9, 2020, File Photo, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will speak at the SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition in Washington. Musk has threatened to withdraw its factory and headquarters from California in a spats escalating with local officials over the reopening of an electric car factory. Saturday afternoon, May 9, 2020 on Twitter. Musk also threatened to sue the Ministry of Health's coronavirus regulation, which prevented Tesla from resuming production at its factory in Fremont, southern San Francisco.  (AP Photo / Susan Walsh, File)

Elon Musk is planning to hold “Saturday Night Live” on May 8th. (Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

Hosted by the famous temperament billionaire Elon Musk “Saturday night live” On May 8th, NBC announced Saturday with Miley Cyrus as a musical guest.

Tesla’s CEO and SpaceX chief designer recently released other news as one of the SpaceX spacecraft carrying four vaccinated astronauts launched from Florida. Docking after 1 day At the International Space Station. The launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center was the third crew launch for the Musk company.

Musk is the first “SNL” host from outside the realm of entertainment since NFL player JJ Watt. Appearance of last year..Given that Tesla executives prefer to make controversial statements about everything from Own stock price To COVID-19 lockdown, He will probably be the most scrutinized host of long-term late-night comedy since then presidential candidate Donald Trump. I took the reins, Widely criticized in 2015.

Love or hate musk — you almost certainly have an opinion about him. And he has an opinion on all sorts of things and doesn’t hesitate to share them with over 51 million Twitter followers.The tech entrepreneur did not keep secret his love for weeds, his stance of landing him in hot water with Tesla’s board members. After sucking a joint in a 2018 podcast.. Stock prices fell quickly — evidence of how closely the reputation of the world’s second-richest man is related to his company.

Musk moved to Texas in December. Criticize California for complacency About your position at the forefront of the technology industry. He later tweeted encouragement for others to follow his lead.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..