Saudi politician allegedly killed by brothers in Lebanon: authorities

Saudi opposition said Sunday that one of its founding members was killed in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

The exiled National Assembly Party said founding member Manea Alyami was killed in a “complex situation.”

Lebanese internal security forces issued a statement Saturday night in the suburbs of Dahie in southern Beirut that two Alyami brothers had stabbed him and killed him. According to the statement, the two brothers were detained and admitted that they had killed Alyami for “family reasons.”

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Wald Buhari, said in a tweet that he “highly appreciated the efforts of Lebanese internal security forces to reveal the facts and bring the perpetrators to justice for the killing of Saudi citizens.” Made a brief statement about. Located in the southern suburbs of Beirut. “

Aryami’s death has not been reported by Saudi Press Agency.

“In response to the news of the assassination, the party is trying to verify its details and motivations,” the party said in a statement. “The party also holds Saudi authorities responsible for endangering the people of this country, exile them, and forcing them to live in dangerous environments due to their political beliefs or human rights demands. . “

His party was founded in September 2020 and is headquartered in London. It is critical of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and the Arsaud royal family.

Relations between Lebanon and the Gulf countries have been tense in recent years over the rise of Hezbollah’s domestic political power. The Gulf countries are particularly critical of opposition groups hosting events in Iran-backed Hezbollah’s political hub, Dahie, which they consider to be terrorist organizations.

The Lebanese Interior Minister ordered the deportation of members of the illegal Bahraini opposition Al-Wefaq in December after holding a meeting criticizing the Kingdom’s human rights records.

In January, Hezbollah hosted a conference for Saudi opposition figures on the anniversary of the death of the influential Saudi Shiite priest Nimuru Arnimul. He was one of 47 people who died in a mass death sentence by Saudi authorities in January 2016. Iran-backed Houthi rebels also attended the meeting.

Associated Press