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on wednesday, today Broadcast part 2 Exclusive Interview with actress Amber Heard— Her first television show after losing Explosive defamation trial against her ex-husband and actor Johnny Depp.. In other revelations, the 36-year-old still claimed to “love” Depp, denying that she wanted to “cancel” him in the editorial at the heart of the case.

During a West Virginia trial that ended June 1. Jury trial dominates It was the one who damaged Depp’s honor Washington post Release 2018 editorial Under her signature article, she describes herself as a victim of domestic violence. Depp was awarded $ 15 million in damages, but she receives only $ 10.35 million due to the state limit for punitive damages. The jury also accused Depp of framing with “hoaxes,” and after discovering that she had been defamed by Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman, she was compensatory for $ 2 million. I heard about compensation for damages.

Despite that particular counterclaim, and winning the 2020 UK trial that Depp decided to abuse Hard in 12 out of 14 times, Hard was on social media. His Hollywood companion Since she first claimed abuse in 2016.Similarly, Guthrie Aquaman Star one-on-one, pushing her against the recordings and other evidence presented by Team Depp, while conveniently ignoring many of the recordings and other evidence provided by Hard. (The UK trial has significantly more evidence than the West Virginia trial and may help explain different outcomes.)

In First half of the interview A newscaster aired on Monday burned an actress about whether she instigated physical violence against Depp and asked her about a recording claiming that Hard was out of context, with First Amendment “a lie.” I informed her that I would not protect her. In the conclusion of her interview, Guthrie appears to be equally cynical and dissatisfied with Hard’s answer, and it is “undeniable” that she “implies” Depp in her editorial. Told to. She also asked if she had been bruised by TMZ and asked to take a picture of her when she issued a detention order to Depp in 2016. In most cases, her question did not go beyond information that had not yet been raised during the trial. And argued by Hard, she completely lacked insight into her abuse.

The jury reveals why they endorsed Johnny Depp

It’s not the first time a TV host is insensitive to the topic of domestic violence or unaware of how survivors adapt to violent situations with their partners. (See Rihanna’s interview with Barbara Walters following the incident with Chris Brown or Gayle King. Interview with FKA Twigs about her allegations against Shia LaBeouf). However, viewers and journalists continue to be amazed by the fact that Guthrie was first allowed to interview hard.

Guthrie had a husband a week before that Michael FeldmanServed as an advisor to Depp’s legal team shortly before beginning an interview with Depp’s lawyers Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew during the defamation trial. The interview became a hot topic on Twitter and soon encountered a backlash from users claiming conflicts of interest.

“If I were a publicist or publicist at Amber Heard, I wouldn’t allow the client’s first major interview with someone who revealed a conflict of interest.” I have written 1 Twitter user.

“If Guthrie is supposed to continue these interviews, today It needs to be a much bigger disclaimer that Guthrie was personally enriched by Depp’s PR team through her husband’s consulting gig. ” Post another. “The terrible conflict of interests is very rude to Mr. Hard.”

Journalism experts have been Weighed About the dispute Business insiderr reportGuthrie’s decision to interview Depp’s lawyer was called “a little nut”, emphasizing “financial interests” and seeing how Hardman could re-use Feldman when he tried to appeal to a jury trial. ..

Order granted 12 years ago for protection against Ezra Miller

Neither Hard nor her representative have talked about the dispute yet, but according to sources in the same article, both Hard and her team are aware of the relationship with Guthrie’s case and are willing to proceed with the interview. Ends in time Date line Friday special broadcast.

It’s hard to imagine the thought process behind the arrangement of this interview and its use in subsequent editorials, but Hard, who had open compassion for the jury and Depp’s supporters, she criticized her. A polite conversation with someone who is closely related to. Still, it seems strange and unwise for Hard’s team to allow clients to ask Guthrie’s poor and impartial questions about her first major television appearance after the trial. actress.

The fact that Hard spent most of his sit-in to protect himself from widely published claims, regardless of the intent and knowledge gained by Hard and her team prior to the interview, is another tragedy for the actress.from now on Aquaman The sequel remains in the air. After all, the saddest part of the blunder is how completely avoidable it was.

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