SBI arrested former NC police chief on 73 charges of falsification of evidence and drug trafficking

A former police chief of the Chadborn Police Department was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday on 73 charges, including embezzlement, falsification of evidence, and drug breaches.

According to a news release, William Anthony Spyby, 35, was arrested by an SBI agent in the Coastal District Office at Fairbluff at around 3:45 pm.

SBI said on March 2 that it had begun investigating the possibility of fraud at the request of district attorney Jon David.

The SBI did not reveal why David requested an investigation on Monday, but WECT reported on March 10 that David sought their assistance “immediately” “after learning about the claim for Chief Spivey.”

WWAY’s March 4 letter to Chadborn’s interim town manager Television has dismissed “a large number of felony drugs” because David was concerned about issues related to the department’s evidence lockers and police had not sent drugs to the state criminal laboratory for “a significant amount of time.” According to David’s letter.

The name was edited in David’s letter, However, the district attorney spivey to WECT It was the subject of the letter, the television station reported.

David, who represents the counties of Brunswick, Columbus and Breden, recommended that Spivey be suspended, WECT reported. WECT reported that he took paid leave until the investigation was conducted. He resigned on April 6th, WECT report.

Chadbourn is a town of about 2,000 people living in Columbus County in the southeastern part of North Carolina. It is about 130 miles south of Raleigh and about 60 miles north of Myrtle Beach.

According to the release of SBI, Spivey has been charged with the following charges: 31 felony sentences change, steal, or destroy evidence. 31 felony counts embezzlement by civil servants. Four felony counts by possession of trafficking drugs. Four felony counts opioids / opioids trafficked by transport. 2 counts to obtain regulated substances by misrepresentation of prescription.1 count to get regulated substances by fraud

According to SBI, Spivey was successfully arrested and appeared before a justice of the peace, issuing a $ 665,000 secured bond. He was transferred to the Columbus County Detention Center.

WECT reports that Spivey was appointed police chief in 2018.

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