SC police officers hung their knees around the woman’s neck.Lawyer asks DOJ to investigate

Greenville’s lawyer will ask the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the arrest of a police officer who pressed his knees against a woman’s neck to prevent her from breathing, the lawyer said.

Fletcher Smith said the arrest of his client by former Gaffney police officer Johnny Wayne Miller was unnecessary and violent in a controversial situation.

“Blacks, whites, no matter what color you are, you shouldn’t be exposed to this,” Smith said, adding that he believes there is an economic component to crack down on the atrocities seen across the country. “This probably won’t happen to the Speaker of the House.”

The state contacted Miller, but did not connect with him.

According to Fletcher, Miller, a white man who patrols public housing, arrested a 26-year-old black woman in mid-December 2020 after a dispute with her family.

According to Fletcher, the woman went to an apartment near her relatives after being asked to pick up her child. The discussion began when she arrived at the apartment. Police appeared and instructed the woman to leave.

“She wasn’t leaving fast enough for him (Miller),” Fletcher said.

According to Fletcher, the woman drove back to a nearby house. Miller tried to stop her in a police car, court records showed. According to the indictment and court records, Miller claimed she did not stop. She was going to go to her house to check the kids and come out to talk to Miller, Fletcher said. A policeman kicked her door before she came out.

According to police records, Miller pressed her knees against the woman’s neck and crushed her for arrest. It is unknown if the woman was injured.

Records show that Gaffney police chief Chris Skinner fired Miller on December 30 for fraudulent activity. Miller repeatedly used “excessive force in dealing with the masses.”

“(A) We have shown that we are downplaying the well-being of our citizens by engaging in operations that are not instructed to use,” police records said.

South Carolina Law Enforcement is investigating Miller, but has not charged him.

The woman was charged with not stopping because of the blue light. The accusation is pending, but if the police are dismissed after the arrest, the accusation is often withdrawn.

According to Smith, the woman is considering filing a proceeding for arrest.

Miller has been working at the Gaffney Police Station since 1998. In 2014, he was charged with domestic violence and gun crime and suspended the police station. The charges were dropped and he returned the following year.

The Gaffney woman case was after a black man, George Floyd, was killed in 2020 by a white Minneapolis police officer with his neck detained on his knees. The policeman, Derek Chauvin, was charged with a second murder. His trial hAs attracted widespread coverage In the news.

Knee on the neck It ’s not an operation taught by a police trainer. At the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

In a similar case, when authorities attempted to enforce a curfew during a posthumous protest by Floyd. Colombian police officer kneels on suspect’s neck and arrests man, Leads to an internal investigation. Investigations revealed that the knee-to-neck was accidental and did not cause injury, said Skip Holbrook at the time. Police officers did not violate any policy and were retrained.

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