SC top executive appealing federal judge freeze on new state abortion law

Three South Carolina Republican officials (Governor Henry McMaster, Congressman Jay Lucas, and Attorney General Alan Wilson) issued an injunction last month by a federal judge blocking the state’s new artificial pregnancy abortion law. He submitted a notice that he intends to appeal. Effective.

According to their notice of appeal, McMaster, Lucas and Wilson will appeal to the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals on March 19 by Judge Mary Lewis of the US District Court, which blocked the new law.

Accompanying last month’s memorandum Her injunction, Judge Lewis The new state law clearly contradicts the nearly 50-year decision of the US Supreme Court that women have the right to choose abortion until the 24th week of pregnancy. At the time, what was called “viability” in the medical community, the foetation can survive outside the womb.

Critics say South Carolina New Law It will outlaw almost all abortions in South Carolina and allow doctors to be sent to prisons who disregard the provisions. The law prohibits most abortions about six weeks after pregnancy, when many women do not even know they are pregnant... Exceptions to the law are rape, incest, threats to the life or health of the mother, and life-incompatible fetal defects. Physicians should report rape and incest cases to local sheriffs with or without the consent of the woman.

Friday’s appeal notice is a one-page document stating that three officials intend to appeal. A long, brief explanation explaining the law and the facts supporting its appeal may later be submitted to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In a recent statement at a pre-Lewis court hearing, South Carolina officials believe that the new appointment of a conservative judge in the US Supreme Court will overturn past High Court abortion decisions. Revealed.

Judge Lewis condemned the idea in a March 19 decision that elected politicians could overturn long-established legal norms by appointing a new judge to court. “Our judge is not a Robe politician,” she writes.

On related issues, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, the main plaintiff in the proceedings, filed a summary judgment with Lewis last week, asking the judge to dismiss the proceedings of South Carolina authorities. Summary judgment basically states that the proceedings of the other party have little or no legal basis and should be revoked.

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic lawyers write that McMaster, Lucas, and Wilson’s complaints haven’t even offered a “close call” because the court’s decision to support the right to abortion has been going on for nearly 50 years. I will.

The new abortion law in South Carolina, passed in mid-February, was passed nationwide by conservative legislators in the hope that the US Supreme Court, which has a new judge, will overturn long-standing abortion cases. It is one of about 12 strict measures taken.

According to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environment, there are about 5,000 abortions annually in South Carolina.