School “Awakened Agenda” Causes Children “Climate Change Anxiety”: Senator Australia


Liberal Party of Australia senators have accused the Ministry of Education of causing “climate change anxiety” to children as they complained of “strong left-wing turns” throughout the school system.

Comments came as radical climate protesters continued massive turmoil in Sydney’s Hyde Park after shutting down CBD on Monday, exacerbating Sydney and New South Wales (NSW) government police.

Police on Monday using a bicycle lock Chain yourself On the handle of her rental car to block traffic in the Sydney Harbor Tunnel.

Blockade Australia spokesman Jona Sabtai has accused Sydney’s economy of the issue against the Australian Associated Press, and the protests are to demonstrate the turmoil caused by the “climate collapse.” Said that.

Liberal senator Hollie Hughes has accused activists of being “totally irresponsible and destructive.”

“I almost laughed when I saw the girl wearing a bicycle chain around her neck … then I’m sure I wasn’t driving Eevee, drinking from a non-reusable water bottle. So the falsehoods are alive and these I’m doing well with the people, “she said. Sky news australia on tuesday.

Left-wing school agenda to promote activities

Hughes, who was in trouble last week that the education system was run by Marxists, attributed the youth’s “climate change anxiety” to the “awakened agenda” of the entire school system.

She said it was “dangerous” to be informed that students were supposed to be “destined for catastrophic consequences in their lives and in the future.”

“Anyone denies that there is a very strong left-wing bend and that the school has no children or even the curriculum does not say what is happening.”

Frank Liberal Senator added that the content of such a school would result in students voting for the left-wing green when they graduate from school.

Labor Rep. Matt Thistlethwaite reiterated Hughes’ feelings about the turmoil of the blockade climate protesters, but disagreed with the group’s actions as a result of the school system.

“There is no evidence of that,” he told Sky News Australia.

“I think you and your party have learned lessons from the elections: Australians want stronger action against climate change. They want greater integrity and politics, Women want more rights. “

In response, Hughes said that while many consider climate change behavior to be very important, “many people do not want to pay for it either.”

“Through renewable systems, we were able to get reliable base load power at an affordable price. That’s great. But technology doesn’t exist and no one is honest and candid about it.”

Environmental activists continue to protest in Sydney

Meanwhile, New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott has criticized the actions of climate activists as “rude” and warned that they would not be tolerated.

“It must stop, police are in force today, they will arrest, and my expectation is that they will face the full power of the law,” he said. Sydney Radio 2GB..

New South Wales Police Minister Paul Toole called the protesters “professional pests.”

“I’m angry. The people are angry,” he told Nine Network.

Blockade Australia spokesman James Woods said the protests would last for a week on Tuesday.

“Resistance will continue. Blockade Australia will return to the streets tomorrow and continue to confuse where Australia’s destruction began.”

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based reporter. She covers Australian news with a focus on social, cultural and identity issues. She is fluent in Vietnamese. Contact her at [email protected].