Schumer says Senate Democrats’ eyes will vote to systematize the right to abortion

Talking to the media with other Senate Democrats on Tuesday, majority leader Chuck Schumer said the caucuses would vote on a bill to protect the right to abortion.

Video transcript

Chuck Schumer: Republicans don’t want to focus on the “Roe v. Wade”, which knows they’re behind the scenes of history and the back of Americans, so they’re all about Leak. Try as they might, they can’t distract from the truth. Responsibility for this decision applies head-on to Senate Republicans who have spent years pushing radical judges and judges, claiming that this day will never come. But please come.

Therefore, in the light of this potential ruling, I would like to make three things very clear. First, it is our intention that the Senate vote for legislation to legislate the right to abortion. Second, voting for this bill is no longer an abstract movement. This is urgent and realistic.

We vote to protect women’s choices. And every American wants to see which side all Senators are on. Third, I say this to the American people. The November elections will bring results as the rights of 100 million women are being voted on.