Scotland’s COVID-19 mortality rate is higher than England, despite more stringent restrictions: Report

Scotland’s stricter COVID-19 restrictions did not prevent its COVID-19 mortality rate from surpassing England’s mortality rate during the Delta and Omicron waves, new analysis of official data shows.

In the summer of 2021, the Scottish National Party (SNP) administration continued to demand the use of facial masks in public places after the British government abolished mask obligations in the United Kingdom.

In September 2021, the SNP government pushed for the introduction of COVID-19 vaccine passports in Scottish nightclubs and other crowded areas.

The UK government re-imposed mask obligations in early December in response to Omicron variants, but UK CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus regulation is far more than in Scotland and other delegated administrations. It continued to be relaxed.

However, according to the analysis of official data Financial TimesThe number of deaths per capita with COVID-19 on the death certificate was actually higher in Scotland than in the United Kingdom in January.

Opponents of the Scottish Conservatives, who had previously criticized Scotland’s strict COVID-19 measures for unnecessarily damaging the economy, said the new analysis “casts new questions” on the SNP government’s approach.

Dr. Sundaysh Gruhein, Secretary of Health for the Party’s Shadow Cabinet, said:

“But when Scotland’s mortality rate remains high at some point, the public will ask serious questions about why some of these need to happen.”

He said strict restrictions have adverse effects on other harmful effects, especially on people’s mental health.

“The public understood it right when it came to pushing down the wave of Omicron, not the SNP government,” he said.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has begun to relax some restrictions. On February 10, she announced that Scottish secondary school students and teachers would no longer need to wear face covers in the classroom from February 28.

The announcement came 24 hours after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the last domestic regulation in the UK. This includes a legal requirement to self-quarantine if the test is positive and may be lifted later this month.

Sturgeon will announce the Scottish Government’s strategy to live with COVID-19 on February 22nd.

Scottish Conservative Gulhane said his party wants the first minister to “work on COVID and come up with a different approach to putting personal responsibility at its core.”

“We once again find that the minister can trust the people to make their choices, rather than imposing restrictions on whims,” ​​he said.

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