Scott Disick ate with the Rock royal family at Miami Beach.What we know

Scott Disick can’t leave Miami for a long time.

A few weeks after former Kourtney Kardashian married rocker Travis Barker, the reality star returned to town and ate out on a beach papi steak.

A discic meal companion? Kimberly Stewart, 42-year-old daughter of iconic rocker Rod Stewart, 77 years old. She has her mansion on Palm Beach.

I have Nada is happening romantically, but. According to Hollywood Life, Disic and Stewart have been friends for some time.

“Scott is friends with Stewart’s whole family, not just Kimberley. He knew them for years,” a source told the outlet. “It’s unattractive, and Scott sees Kimberly like a sister.”

Thirty-Nine-year-old Disic is also said to be helping her actual Brother Sean Stewart, 41, Dirty weekend..

On Instagram, Kimberly posted a photo of her dad in a closet she curated on Father’s Day and tagged Disic. A native of California is a professional organizer of her own company, The Realm. This is something we might not have known if she hadn’t eaten with her Lord.

Disic is clearly single these days after splitting with British model Rebecca Katsopolis. exe was in miami Last month’s vacation After appearing on the red carpet together for the premiere of HULU’s “Kardashian”.

Things move fast with these Hollywood types, people.