Scott is committed to scrapping all federal programs after Biden’s jab

Senator Rick Scott (R-Florida) defended his proposal Wednesday to repeal all federal laws in five years, saying some Republicans want it done Biden in his State of the Union address In response to the president’s allegations, he accused President Biden of being “confused.” Security and Medicare.

β€œIn my plan, I proposed: Within five years, all federal laws will be repealed. If the laws are worth keeping, Congress can pass them again,” he said. Scott said in a statement following Biden’s address to the joint session of Congress.

Scott angered Republicans last year when he rolled out a 12-point policy agenda that included the Sunset Proposal, which Democrats quickly started using as ammunition in the midterm elections.

Republicans denied Biden’s claims Tuesday night that they wanted to end Social Security and Medicare, Scott said, “This is meant to address all the crazy new laws our Congress recently passed. It is a clear and obvious idea.

“Instead of putting a fair burden on the wealthy, some Republicans, some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security abolished,” Biden said, getting loud boos from Republican lawmakers on the floor. I pulled it out.

Some House Republicans have proposed reforms to the eligibility program as part of debt ceiling negotiations, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R, California) has argued that cuts are not being considered. There is

Speaking about the uproarious reaction, the president said, “Anyone who doubts it please contact my office. I’ll give you a copy – I’ll give you a copy of the proposal.”

“It’s been suggested by individuals. I won’t name names politely, but it’s been suggested by some of you,” Biden said.

Scott called the allegation “a lie” and “a dishonest move by a very confused president.”

β€œI will not be terrified if Joe Biden twists my words,” he declared, effectively turning Medicare into a force when Democrats gave the federal government the power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices under the Inflation Reduction Act. It countered by claiming that it had been reduced to

That would leave pharmaceutical companies with less money to develop new drugs and treatments, he says.

Scott argues that his plan expects Congress to quickly update popular programs like Medicare and Social Security, as well as defense programs, before they disappear.

“He thinks I’m going to get rid of the U.S. Navy too? “I’ve never advocated cutting Social Security or Medicare, nor will I.”

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