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Trump’s Republican Party is a party of snowflakes and beta men

ERIC BARADAT / AFP Texas via Getty has a preacher named Mike Murdoch. He created a list of maxims that he called the “key of wisdom.” They may help to understand how Donald Trump took over the Republican Party. One of the important points is “what is acceptable and what cannot be changed”. Like many of Murdoch’s keys, this is true. We almost understand what we want to put up with. This applies to politics (quoting Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up) and private life (quoting someone with an abusive spouse). Parents who allow their children to look down on them). Murdoch doesn’t say this explicitly, but I argue that’s why Trump is still a Republican leader. Republican politicians are ready to tolerate him. They willingly put up with him. that’s it. Limit. And this talks about them as much as he does. Today’s Republicans are (surprisingly) full of career lists of patients who are too tolerant. They believe that swallowing pride, sublimating anger, opinions, and even family loyalty is the way to win a long game. Kevin McCarthy Deserves Poor “Leader” Republican Just this week, Congressman Greg Pence is a bipartisan committee studying the January 6 riots where Mike Pence’s brother may have killed his brother. Opposed to. If you forget, the violent mob will say “Hang Mike Pence!”. “Where is Pence?” Trump’s Vice President fulfilled his constitutional obligations and violated the Houses of Parliament to prevent Trump from proving his defeated 2020 elections. The mob was summoned by Trump. I hope Mike does the right thing … if Mike Pence does the right thing, we will win the election. Then, while the mob was inside the building, Trump tweeted, “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what he had to do to protect our country and our constitution …” Fortunately. In particular, Pence and his family were cheered up by secrets. Congressman Pence not only opposed the bipartisan committee, but also called “Hanging Judge Nancy Pelosi” a “partisan of her version with a carefully selected jury.” I was enthusiastic about pushing for justice. ” Performing a pre-determined political execution of Donald Trump … “Yes, Greg Pence literally his own” hanging “on Donald Trump’s figurative attempts at” hanging “and” execution. ” And was more resentful than the “execution” attempt. What would the Republican suicide squad do with such people who wouldn’t stop at Liz Cheney? Hire them to the Republicans. After all, it’s a party full of loyal best friends like John McCain’s best friend (Meghan McCain even calls him “uncle”). George, the Texas Land Commission, has just approved a bid for Trump 2024, despite Trump calling for his uncle’s blame and branding his father, who said McCain wasn’t a hero because he was taken prisoner. P Bush’s party. He calls “low energy Jeb” and his dad “embarrassment to his family.” And even though Trump implies that Cruz’s wife is ugly, it is Ted Cruz’s party that supports Trump, claiming that Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of JFK. .. The big question is why they tolerate Trump. Why hasn’t their primary desire for pride, honor and dignity ever happened? Life is full of sacrifices that swallow pride. I had to bite my tongue from time to time in order to stay employed (and, for that matter, get married). But there is a problem here. All bets are invalidated when the boss publicly insults his wife or attempts to have a violent mob kill his family. And one more thing, in the case of the elected official, Donald Trump is not his boss. Thank you for the evolved notion that you shouldn’t catch anger or emotions. This is why Sonny Corleone died at the tollhouse. Ironically, however, the initial Republican response is usually correct, as it was immediately after the Capitol riots. That’s because it’s difficult to overreact to riots. When it comes to Trump, the pattern is that Republicans start with the right response and eventually evolve towards a more rational, modest, cautious, and pathetic position. Call me romantic. However, I miss the days of insulting someone’s honor. The country, or (especially) relatives, will evoke clearly more visceral reactions than the calm tones these Republican eunuchs are showing Trump. “But the era of chivalry is over. Sophisticated people, economists, calculators have succeeded, and the glory of Europe has disappeared forever.” I’m old. For a duel. Although it does not suggest resolving the difference from physical violence, today’s Republican reaction to Trump’s provocation is that Michael Dukakis’ bloodless, passionate, clinical, wife Reminds me of the reaction to the question of exorbitant debate about whether to support the death penalty. Raped and killed (Saturday Night Live spoofing took John Lovitz as Dukakis and “apologized for jumping out of the handle It’s a shame that the kids had to look at me this way. “) Cowboy conservatives with gun racks on the pickups were a little more independent and aggressive before they screamed. The Republican Party wants to be a party of workers, which feels more like wine than beer. The only John Wayne they left is Donald Trump. He is an alpha man and all beta is crouching in front of him. All that remains is a Republican party full of castrated opportunists. Snowflake wants to pay the membership fee, bite his tongue, and retire with a gold watch. For more information, see The Daily Beast. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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