Scottish Parliament Supports Vaccine Passports for Nightclubs and Live Events


Holyrood resolved on Thursday to support the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine passport in Scottish nightclubs and other crowded areas.

With the support of Greens, the SNP government was able to push the move forward with 68 to 55 votes after intense debate.

That is, from October 1st, with a few exceptions, all adults will have nightclubs, sexual entertainment facilities, indoor unseat live events with more than 500 spectators, 4,000 audiences, And other events with an audience of 10,000 or more.

Vaccine test participants, medically exempted persons, and venue employees are exempt from vaccination obligations.

A negative test for COVID-19 is not accepted at this stage.according to Document Announced hours before the Scottish Government vote, accepting evidence of negative test results “may undermine one of the policy goals of the plan to increase vaccine intake,” a limited PCR lab. You can prevent your ability from being overwhelmed by the clubber.

However, the treatise stated that this would continue to be considered. He also states that the vaccine passport scheme can be extended from 16 to 17 years old if the vaccine is available.

From October 1st, this scheme will allow you to use QR codes from your smartphone app. The QR code will also be scanned before admission to the venue, along with a paper replacement for those who need it.

The UK Government confirmed on Wednesday that UK clubs and event attendees would be legally required to provide evidence of full COVID-19 vaccination from the end of September if the proposal was voted in Parliament. bottom.

It was unclear whether the government would get enough votes to support the plan, which caused a backlash between the parties.

The Welsh and Northern Ireland governments have not yet introduced plans to use vaccine passports at national venues.

PA contributed to this report.

Lily Zhou