Sean Hannity says the lawyer won’t let him accept a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop


Fox News host Sean Hannity said his lawyer would not accept copies of laptops that would have been owned by Hunter Biden.

After showing the Biden clip I got in the Daily Mail, I talked to a naked woman in bed about the 2018 vendor. Las Vegas where he lost his laptop, And his subsequent fear of extortion, Hannity explained why he himself could not access the material.

“I was offered a laptop, my lawyer won’t let me accept it, because, as I’m told, it’s believed to be,” he said. Said at his show on Wednesday.

“There are three separate sources that told me that this laptop has pictures, probably warning computer repairman John Paul Mack to warn the FBI,” Hannity hints. And it seems. Inappropriate content allegations..

The hard drive and laptop were handed over to a computer shop in Delaware for repair in April 2019. Computer store owner John Paul Mac Isaac says the hardware has never been recovered by the owner. ..

FBI has laptops and hard drives Grand jury summons It wasn’t before December 2019, but a copy was made and finally reported by the media. After the 2020 elections, it was revealed that federal officials were investigating whether the president was the 51-year-old son. Violation of tax and money laundering law..

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said, “much like selection of influence and corruption, after being asked why Hannity wasn’t arrested and other information was revealed. I’m criticizing the information. “

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“The federal prosecutor in Delaware conducted a two-year investigation. I haven’t seen Sean, a subpoena or a search warrant. I haven’t seen any charges or charges,” he added. “Are you really wondering what’s going on here? Is this really a sincere and energetic investigation, or is Biden protected?”

Biden, who married his second wife in 2019 and has five children, said in April that he was “fully cooperating” with the investigation. “100% certainty” He is free from cheating.

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