Search halted for missing Nova Scotia fisherman off Cape Sable Island, North Carolina

of seek For the missing Nova Scotia fisherman who went overboard on Boxing Day morning pause early Tuesday afternoon.

Lieutenant Colonel Len Hickey seek Despite continued efforts from Monday night through Tuesday morning, rescue teams were unable to locate the missing man. Said.

Hickey said in an interview, “The seasons make it even more tragic.

Halifax’s Joint Rescue Coordination Center received Mayday about a man who went overboard at 8:21 a.m. Monday, he said. It is said that he fell from a 12-meter-long fishing boat called Little Weasel Too about 11 kilometers south of Cape Sable Island.

There were two other people on the boat when the man collapsed.

Cormorant helicopters and Hercules aircraft were dispatched seek For a man by two ships of the Canadian Coast Guard, the Cape Roger and the Clarks Harbor.

At least a dozen boats, including local fishing vessels, have also stepped up to help, Hickey said.

A PAL Airlines plane flew in to help keep CCGS Cape Roger up to date. seek One night. By Tuesday morning, both Coast Guard ships were back in the area, as was Hercules.

“They have patterns. seek We scale based on oceans, winds, etc.,” Hickey said. “It’s a significant amount seek, and grow based on the environment. ”

RCMP Sgt. Andrew Joyce said the fisherman was presumed drowned. We will not continue large-scale investigations. seek Efforts made by the Joint Rescue Coordination Center, he said.

“The police went out into the deep sea, seek Drowned people are no more,” Joyce said in an interview.

Police did not reveal the identity of the missing fisherman.

“Certainly, this is a tragic event,” said Joyce.

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