Season 2’s Mackenzie Dipman is back at the villa

Season 2 star Mackenzie Dipman appears at Villa in Season 4, Episode 27 of 'Love Island'.

Season 2 star Mackenzie Dipman appears at Villa in Season 4, Episode 27 of ‘Love Island’.

This summer, the “Love Island” veteran moves into a villa.

of First look video posted on August 16th“Love Island” USA teased 25 year old Mackenzie Dipman — and her beloved stuffed animal, Gus — are joining us for Season 4.

MackenzieA graduate of Arizona State University and Chaparral High School (Scottsdale), was a fan-favorite cast member. ‘Love Island’ season 2 aired in 2020.

“I think this time it will be more fun and less pressure.” she said people“I think one of the luxuries of getting a little older is learning to let go of certain anxieties.”

“There are definitely a few men I have my eye on,” she added. I try to keep an open mind with everyone because I know I looked very different in fashion and on TV.

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When will Mackenzie return to ‘Love Island’?

In a press release on August 16, Peacock revealed that Mackenzie will be brought back “for a second shot at Love on tomorrow night’s episode, episode 27.”

“It’s been two years, and the person I walk into this experience in two years from now will have a very different experience than someone who steps into a villa for the first time.” Mackenzie told People.

It’s not common for former cast members to return to the show. Notably, ‘Love Island’ UK brought back Adam Corrado from four seasons ago for Season 8, which aired this summer.

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What Happened to Mackenzie and Connor Trott in Season 2

Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott are back as a couple on 'Love Island' Season 2.

Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott are once again a couple in ‘Love Island’ Season 2.

Mackenzie — ASU graduates With a degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies, and a minor in Legal Studies just weeks before debuting in Love Island in 2020, before Season 2 was nearly finished. she was dumped in the 4th week.

She left with no regrets, and although she and fellow Day 1 contestant Connor Trott parted ways on the show, they had the longest-lasting relationship to survive outside of that season’s “Love Island.” I decided to have

“I feel like I won. I got what I came here for. I found love and met the most amazing man for me,” said Mackenzie. Told the Arizona Republic after her elimination“I was so hopeful that I would see someone I liked on the show, but I never thought there would be someone like Connor.”

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Mackenzie and Connor paired up on Day 1 and went through some ups and downs along the way. She remarried Jalen Noble after Casa Amor Mackenzie and Connor announced their split in March 2021.

Who is Mackenzie Dipman?

Since leaving the villa, Mackenzie has launched her own clothing brand, from his leagueWhen podcast of the same nameShe competed in the Miss Arizona 2021 competition Miss Sabino Canyon USAShe was previously romantically linked with Karl Radke from the Bravo show Summerhouse.

As for Exe in the season 2 premiereMackenzie revealed that although she has dated famous people in the past, she was looking for something authentic.

“They just happened to be millionaires. I didn’t look for it,” she said of her exes in Episode 1.

“I’ve been on a yacht, I’ve been on a private jet, but money isn’t very important to me,” she said. “I’m looking for someone who wants to watch the big game, drink beer back and eat pizza.”

“A lot of people are really afraid to approach me,” she added. I am saying.”

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What time does “Isle of Love” USA air?

New episodes of the Love Island USA Season 4 stream will air Tuesday through Sunday at 6:00 PM (9:00 PM ET) on Peacock. Saturday’s episode recaps the week and shows unreleased clips.

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