Seattle high school teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with 16-year-old student, prosecutors say

Seattle high school A science teacher faces allegations that he repeatedly had sex with a 16-year-old student in his car, prosecutors said.

seattle police A probable cause statement from the King County prosecutor said he was summoned to Franklin High School on Friday to investigate a “sex crime with a child.”

Officers spoke with a 16-year-old female student who said she had “consensually had a sexual relationship with one of her teachers.” claimed to have started

two people had sex at least 5 times Over the past two weeks, a statement of probable causes said:

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The student also said she and the teacher exchanged more than 3,000 messages via Discord, email, and text, according to the documents.


Officers noted reading sexually explicit messages in the probable cause statement.

The KCPAO claimed five cases of first-degree sexual misconduct with minors and one case of communicating with minors for immoral purposes had probable cause.

The KCPAO also argued that teacher bail should be set at $250,000, citing the danger to the community. A first-time judge has set bail for him at $100,000, KCPAO told Fox News Digital.

An introduction to the case from the police is expected later this week. Fox News Digital has reached out to the Seattle Police Department.

Seattle Public Schools said teachers have taken paid administrative leave.

The district shared with Fox News Digital a letter sent Friday by the principal of Franklin High School. School and district officials said they moved quickly to address the situation after learning of the allegations.

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Teachers have limited contact with students, families, and staff and are prohibited from entering SPS school buildings or attending school-related events.

“We have initiated a full internal investigation through the district’s human resources department and the Office of Student Civil Rights,” the district said. “As part of the process, we will notify and cooperate with the Seattle Police Department.”

Fox News Digital will not release the teacher’s name until formal charges have been filed.


teacher’s arrest first reported KTTH’s Jason Lantz.