Sebastian Stan “dislikes” his Marvel TV series inspired by Tom Holland in “Captain America: Civil War”

Falcon and winter soldiers

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.Marvel Studios

  • Sebastian Stan told Vanity Fair that Tom Holland influenced the “Falcon & Winter Soldier” series.

  • In the series, Stan’s characters Winter Soldier and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon team up.

  • Stan said the pairing began after fighting Dutch Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Friendly competition between Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland Continues after Stan says New Vanity Fair Video He “dislikes” the Dutch influence on the “Falcon & Winter Soldier” television series.

The 2021 Disney + series focused on heroes Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Winter Soldier (Stan) trying to rebuild their lives after the “Avengers: Endgame” event. Starting as an enemy in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the pair eventually became friends towards the end of the series.

Stan pointed out in an interview on a YouTube video of Vanity Fair on a film career that the friendship journey began with “Captain America: Civil War” when he had to work together to fight Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. did.

Falcon and Winter Soldier

Falcon (McKee) and Winter Soldier (Stan) web-up after fighting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War.Marvel Studios

“Basically Anthony and I got the show thanks to Tom Holland,” Stan said, recalling the battle scene in the movie. “It’s like what I’m aware of right now when I’m talking, and that’s what I really hate to know. It’s not Tom, Anthony.”

In the past, Stan and the Netherlands used promotional tours to mock each other.Last month he Interview with entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton He “doesn’t like helping Tom Holland”, so he hasn’t seen “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

In a Vanity Fair video, Stan also said he doesn’t think his character will survive after his first appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger because of the changed ending. In the first movie, Winter Soldier, known as Bucky at this point in the story, seems to have died after Captain America couldn’t save him.

Stan said that in certain scenes he was supposed to receive a green sleeve to cover one of his arms, so special effects could be used to show that he had lost his arm in the fall. .. This will make fun of his return in the sequel to “Captain America”, as the Winter Soldier is known to have metal arms.

“Basically, the day we were filming the scene was like,’Yes, we’re not going to do green sleeves,'” Stan said. “And I just thought,’Oh, yes. I’m going to die on that train. I’ll never come back.’ But they didn’t know what arms they would use. I just kept going from there. “

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