Second liberal MP publicly asks about COVID policy

Liberal Party of Canada Rep. Yves Lobilard has publicly criticized the government’s COVID-19 policy, following his colleague Joel Wrightbound.

Robilard, who represents the horse riding of Mark Orel Fortan in Quebec, told the Hill Times: interview That lightbound “said exactly what many of us think,” and he agrees with everything he said.

Lightbound will hold a press conference on February 8 to list the harm caused by COVID-19 restrictions and provide a roadmap for lifting all restrictions under federal authority, including mandatory vaccines. I suggested some solutions, such as creating one.

Robilard spoke to the Hill Times on February 9th with Lightbound, where he told him he had expressed his support. He said the two would work together on this issue.

Lightbound, on behalf of Louis Eberle on Quebec, resigned as chairman of the Quebec caucuses on February 8.Chief Government Whip Stephen McKinnon Said Lightbound will continue to be a member of the Liberal Caucus.

Robilard told the Hill Times that he was not worried about being expelled from the caucuses, and that there were other lawmakers who “have enough” and “will not go through such remaining missions.” Said.

The first elected parliamentarian in 2015 recently rubbed his feathers at a party while traveling on vacation. Canadians and members of the Liberal Caucus were told to avoid non-essential trips as the current wave of Omicron variants was increasing in December.

Lobilard told the Hill Times that he had already planned to visit the Costa Rican family and had announced his disapproval to McKinnon, but Robilard nevertheless went on.

In response, McKinnon stripped Robilard’s Home Defense Commission.

“He [MacKinnon] Cut my wings and he will regret it, I tell you, “Robilard told the Hill Times. “He does it not only for me. So no, I didn’t need it. And it bothers me because it’s my mental health that’s shocking. So I Wants to see my doctor, my family doctor. “

Robilard said, “We all have our authority and we all have a conscience. And I wasn’t going to go there to please anyone, I have a family over there, And I’m very happy I went, and as you know, I came back with two tests. I didn’t have a COVID, so I’m at risk No one tells me. “

The Epoch Times sought comment from the Robilard and McKinnon offices, but did not immediately respond.

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.

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