Second suspect in the assassination of President Haiti handed over to the United States

Jacqueline Charles and Jay Weaver
From Miami Herald

Miami — The main suspect in Haiti’s Jovenel Moise murder investigation was arrested Wednesday by a federal investigator in Miami after being handed over to the United States.

Rodolph Jar, a Haiti businessman convicted of US cocaine trafficking 10 years ago, was detained by Dominican authorities earlier this month after hiding in neighboring Haiti for several months.

The arrest of Jarre, known as “Dodov” in the Dominican Republic, was carried out by a hit corps, allegedly composed of Colombian commands, Haitian police officers, etc. It happened 6 months after the day after I ran. A nearby dwelling to carry out his assassination.

Jarre will make his first appearance in the Miami Federal Court on Thursday. Criminal accusations and affidavits accusing him of a plot targeting President Haiti have not been opened.

In early January, U.S. officials arrested Mario Antonio Palacios Palacios, a former Colombian sergeant who fled to Jamaica after months of hiding in Haiti and was deported to Colombia by a Jamaican judge. During his transfer in Panama, he was detained and told that he had an arrest warrant in the United States.

When he first appeared in federal court, Palacios became the first person to be formally charged with the assassination of Moise. Criminal charges drafted by the FBI, knowing that such assistance would be used to carry out plans to kill President Haiti, would commit murder or kidnapping outside the United States and provide material assistance leading to death. Condemn the plot of Palacios (43).

US investigators are looking at a third suspect currently in detention in Jamaica.

A week after Jarre’s arrest in the Dominican Republic, Jamaican authorities arrested former Senator John Joel Joseph, who was with his wife and two children in the Parish of St. Elizabeth.

According to Haiti National Police, Jaar and Joseph are both part of the meeting and plan until July 7, 2021 and attack Moise while in a hillside house on the hilltop of Port-au-Prince. Has been accused of doing so. Survey report. A report obtained by the Miami Herald explains that the attack was fired from Jarre’s house, which housed Colombian soldiers, weapons, and vehicles involved in the killing.

The report also described Joseph as the one who rented four cars used by Colombians the night they attacked the president’s residence and killed him. According to Haiti’s human rights groups, Jarre was identified as one of the people who helped raise funds for the assassination program.

Meanwhile, Haiti officials have arrested 44 people in the assassination of the president, including 18 former members of the Colombian army who were hired to come to Haiti. Of them, 39 are still in custody.

Haiti’s investigative judge, who oversees the investigation into Moïse’s assassination, was removed from the case because he missed the legal deadline for the formal prosecution, significantly delaying the prosecution of dozens of suspects, but officially prosecuted. Indicates that it has not been done.

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