Second woman who says Herschel Walker took her for abortion presents proof of relationship

A woman who claims she had a six-year extramarital affair with Georgia senatorial candidate Herschel Walker and that he impregnated her and drove her to have an abortion held a second press conference on Tuesday to address her allegations. I presented supporting evidence.

The woman, who appeared with her attorney, Gloria Allred, and identified herself again as Jane Doe, read a handwritten letter she said she had received from Walker, a phone message, and what she said was a former football great. Streamed conversations from the 1990s. At a conference in North Carolina in 2019, he showed a photo of the two together.

After the woman first came forward in October, Walker denied knowing her. said in a November 1 statement posted on his website.

That reaction prompted a second press conference, according to Allred and the woman.

“Hershel, I never thought you would deny knowing me or our relationship. Are you willing?” the woman said on Tuesday. “Have you the courage to meet me in person in public, look me in the eye, and say to my face that you don’t know me and that none of what I just said is true. I’m looking forward to your reaction.”

Lawyers Gloria Allred and Jane Doe

Attorney Gloria Allred (left) with “Jane Doe,” one of the women Herschel Walker accuses of lying about their relationship. (zoomed by Reuters video)

Walker, the Republican candidate for the Georgia Senate, will face Democratic incumbent Senator Rafael Warnock in the December 6 runoff election. Early voting across the state begins Saturday in select counties across the state.

During the midterm campaign, Walker ran as an anti-abortion candidate, featuring claims from two different women that he paid to have an abortion as politically motivated.

Asked why she decided to come forward with her claims and present evidence, including a voice message in which a man believed to be Walker called out to a woman, “You’re a big sex puppy.” became a target.

“I was going to take this to my grave,” she said. When I heard his reaction on the news, he just said, ‘I never asked anyone to have an abortion. And I knew he was lying based on my own experience. ”

“I knew he was lying, so I had to come forward,” she added.

When pressed for motivation to publish her story, Doe replied that she was not driven by politics.

“Voters can make their own decisions. All I can do is tell the truth. I’m telling the truth and Herschel Walker knows I’m telling the truth.”