Secret life of top Russian diplomats exposed millionaire mistress


Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / TASS / Getty

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / TASS / Getty

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reportedly deposited his mistress’s overseas trip with him on an official diplomatic trip to nearly 20 countries around the world, according to a new bomb. report From Russian opposition activists Alexei Navalny‘vapor. “Yachts, bribes, mistresses. What Lavrov is hiding,” he said, with lots of extravagant bargains. Yacht Couples enjoyed, including the infamous oligarch-owned yacht Oleg DeripaskaDecorated by something like the Belarusian model Anastasia Vashukevich, well known by her pseudonym Nastya Rybka.

Lavrov, 71, is married and has a daughter. His alleged female companion, Svetlana Poliakova, is an actress and restaurant owner, with no known qualifications to justify her apparent affiliation with the Ministry of Foreign record Polyacova and her family, unearthed by reporters, have real estate worth about 1 billion rubles ($ 13.6 million) in Russia and the United Kingdom. luxury car It is worth a total of about 40 million rubles ($ 545,000).

The luxury life of the Kremlin’s super-rich daughters

The Nawarney team’s Thursday report is Research Released earlier this week iStories, An independent Russian-focused investigative journalism agency.Based on information provided by sources within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the outlet found that her friend was reported to have listed her because of the close relationship between Polyakova and Lavrov. contact address As “Svetlana Lavrova”. She attended a public event with Russian President Vladimir Putin and was included among the elite aides who were allowed to be in front of him.

A study by Navalny’s team claims that Polyacova has used the Foreign Minister’s official plane at least 60 times in the last seven years. Among other countries, she reportedly traveled with Lavrov to France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Portugal and Greece. Polyacova’s mother, daughter, and even her niece accompanied her on some of their official “diplomatic” escapes.

According to the information obtained by iStories Confidential sources report that Polyakova exerted considerable influence within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and appointed several close friends to important positions. Officials who opposed these appointments were reportedly forced to resign, one of whom disclosed the information to reporters.Russian Foreign Ministry simply ignored the request for comment from iStories..

The secret nature of the relationship between Polyakova and Lavrov was discovered by Navalny’s research team. iStories Support it with reports and additional juicy disclosures. As they say, a light mouth causes the ship to sink. Or perhaps in this case a yacht. Polina, the 26-year-old daughter of Polyacova, seems to have fully exhibited her trip. Instagram The account was closed after Thursday’s bomb report and later deactivated.

Polina’s social media post revealed one of the most annoying aspects of this terrible family problem.They show that Polyakova is laid back with her family Villa, Hotel, When Yacht Owned by Deripaska. The yacht became famous when Nastia Ribka secretly filmed a conversation between Deripaska and former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prihodko. Ribka posted a shortened clip on social media, claiming that there was an additional video demonstrating Kremlin’s interference with the US elections, but did not follow through. The same ship is now at the center of another controversy.

The Nawarny team’s report essentially shows that Lavrov acted as Deripaska’s private lobbyist and traveled around the world to support his personal affairs. Boosting His efforts to obtain a US visa, Guinea, Jamaica When Sweden.. Deripaska’s considerable wealth could certainly justify the luxury lifestyle of the Foreign Minister and his second “family”, including the frequent use of Deripaska’s private planes. Polina even described one of Deripaska’s villas as her “second home.” This is an example of “Mikasa, Sukasa” on a global scale.

At that time I announced Putinpal’s “Deep State” rant at Daily Caller

Anastasia Melnikova, a digital media outlet, during the daily briefing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Thursday. Znak We asked about recent allegations against Lavrov, including traveling abroad with his alleged mistress and her relatives. Zakharova seemed to be rattling the question. She wrestled, frowned, and laughed as she listened to the reporter’s question.

Zakharova did not deny or confirm the report.Instead, she attempted To impose the motivation of the team behind the shocking revelation.

“Well, what can I say. First, the creators of these pseudo-surveys aren’t hiding their goals. To destroy and destroy … they all have foreign grants. They are eating. Their intelligence campaign is supported and supervised by intelligence agencies in countries that call Russia an enemy. ” “Second, this is all done according to Goebbels. Take a little truth, tell some lies and present it as a reality … Third, even the most malicious enemies are Lavrov’s pros. There is no doubt about his consciousness. His authority is unwavering. His authority is simply indisputable. “

This was the last question asked by Zakarowa, who left the podium shortly after collecting her treatises.

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