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Cesspit that brought rise to Stephen Miller

Photo Illustrations by Kristen Hazzard / The Daily Beast / Photos Getty / YouTube Last August, I received an email from the conservative writer David Horowitz, who coached Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to Trump. Subject: “Your book”. He wrote, “I was generous to you, and you repaid me by raping me and my reputation, which guarantees you survive your malicious drive.” It was. The white supremacist agenda, partially drawn from the email exchanges that Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and Horowitz forwarded to me, showed a conversation with Miller between 2012 and 2017. Reality TV mogul has regurgitated. Horowitz met Miller as a Santa Monica high school student, shaped his career and introduced Michele Bachmann, a member of Congress at the Tea Party Minnesota. Michele Bachmann gave him his first job as a spokesman, and Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama later hired him. .Horowitz had previously said he trusted me in his correspondence as I read a 2018 interview where I talked about his dislike of labeling people. He said he was afraid to be labeled “Hatemonger”, which was used to describe him, and believed that I was unlikely to label him or Miller. A strange argument given that Horowitz has devoted much of his life to labeling the entire group, calling the NAACP the “fascist” and the progressives the “totalitarians”. was. After my book was published, he featured me as the top article on his site, calling me “anti-American racist” and calling me “stupid, lazy, or confused” in another email. I called it. The Heart of Trump’s True Believers POWs David Horowitz The art of Horowitz is a projection, and he teaches it to his disciples. The people who fight racism are the “Nazis.” Activists who fight inequality are “oppressors.” Classified as an anti-Islamic extremist and an anti-immigrant extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center, he has groomed young conservatives through his “political war school” for decades and an enthusiastic extremist approach. Has adopted and connected the media with prominent right-wing politicians. Personality at the expensive West Coast Retreat and Restoration Weekend. “The political left is ready to declare a war against the United States and its constitutional system and work with American enemies abroad and domestic criminals to defeat the United States,” reads the mission statement of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Ronald Radosh and Sol Stern, known as Horowitz for half a century, wrote an article in the New Republic calling for an investigation into the “potential abuse of tax exemption” of his nonprofit organization. According to the Internal Revenue Service, “All Section 501 (c) (3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in or intervening in political movements on behalf of (or against) candidates. They talk about Horowitz’s visit to the “Psychic Healer” and his “relentless drive to violent fringes.” As a radical left, their former friend added, “Celebrating the bank’s incineration by a student mob.” Today, he is an intellectual enthusiast celebrating the MAGA mob who attacked the US Capitol on January 6. Horowitz sent an email to Miller in December 2012 because he was publicly thinking that the Republicans couldn’t appeal to the color community. He called on the Republicans to launch a horror campaign. He later said that they “must start all conflicts by hitting the progressives in their mouths.” His willingness to intimidation and horror accused me of “malicious and defamatory remarks” in a letter from his lawyer, very similar to what he sent to others, and I Was forced to threaten a lawyer against reporters, including. This reflects that he spent the 90’s adjusting lawyers to file proceedings on behalf of those accused of prejudice. Horowitz, who casts himself as a color-blind person, said, “America’s most dangerous social problem today: anti-” white racism, “attacking a woman of color in power, Ilhan Omar said. “This witch is part of a terrorist network … should be deported right now,” he said. He denies the Palestinian national identity. “There are no Palestinians or Palestinians,” he tweeted. His tilade caught the attention of influential white supremacist John Tanton, who published an English translation of the racist French novel Camp of the Saints. A white world by a brown refugee “monster”. A book that Miller recommended to Breitbart as an article pointing out “similarities” to real life. Tanton, who died in 2019, introduced Horowitz on his website and highlighted his work through his journal The Social Contract. He also wrote at least one letter to him and his colleague Peter Collier. The Daily Beast reports for the first time here and is stored in a partially sealed archive of Tanton’s treatises at the University of Michigan. In a letter from Virginia lawyer Hassan Ahmad, who is appealing to open the entire archive, Tanton yelled at a gay man about HIV and “ideal medium: moist.” ) Warm, packed with nutrients, and has an abundant blood supply to supply oxygen to (aerobic) organisms that need this nutrient. ”Horowitz requested comment on the nature of Tanton and its relationships. Did not respond to. Tanton also shared the work of Horowitz with Dan Stein, head of the American Immigration Reform League (FAIR), which Tanton co-created with his heir Cordelia Skyf May. To limit the influx of brown and black immigrants into the United States. Tanton separately writes: Or is there an explosion? Then, at the White House, Horowitz’s disciple Miller introduced a restrictive immigration policy that almost literally reflected the recommendations issued by FAIR, such as restrictions on family-based illegal immigrants and attacks on sanctuary jurisdictions. Was carried out. White men, on the other hand, make America great. White men in Europe said, “American political culture … [which] He led the world by abolishing slavery and establishing the principles of ethnic and racial inclusion, “Horowitz wrote in his book, Hating Whitey, of racialized people in the civil rights movement. I ignored the central role and wrote it. “We are a country surrounded by” colored “people trying to emigrate to our shores to take advantage of the unparalleled opportunities and rights our society offers. Stephen Miller loses the fight, but his hatred war rages and becomes the mainstream of the radical Republican Party, who surrendered to the former white supremacist. Miller’s recently launched non-profit organization, First Legal in the United States, is attacking efforts to support immigrants, non-white American workers, and the LGBTQ community. I will soon be a woman. He is Horowitz 2.0, more powerful than the mentor, and a full-scale attack on critical racial theory and diversity education at school through proceedings and regular appearances in Fox News and other right-wing media. Is leading. People need to understand the man who made him help to forge the mediocrity of extremism in our time. I’ve seen first-hand the damage the label has done to loved ones, including my father who emigrated here from Mexico. However, I believe that journalists have a responsibility to express the actions of those in power in accurate terms. Horowitz and Miller not only built a career of hatred, but also made it the centerpiece of modern right-wing ideology. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.