Secretary of State Blinken discusses Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine with Senator Rand Paul

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The day before the state passed a law to dissolve the district, Disney’s Leady Creek told investors:

Bond investors in the Reedy Creek Improvement District are concerned just 24 hours before Florida Governor Rondes Santis takes his ax to the special district of Walt Disney World (NYSE: DIS), which was founded over 50 years ago. You have been sent a message to help relieve you. In addition, according to a document filed April 21 in an electronic municipal market access database supervised by local securities, the state “damages the rights or remedies of its holders” and is exempt from taxation until the bonds are fully filled. The district said it would not receive it. The Rulemaking Committee, the parliamentary body for a fair and efficient local securities market. “In light of our commitment to bondholders in the Florida district, Reedy Creek continues its current operations, including ad valorem collection and collection, utility bill collection, and ad valorem tax debt repayment. We look forward to exploring that option. We comply with ad valorem and ad valorem taxes and manage and maintain our assets. “