Section 1 of the Charter “Illegal” Used by the Government

Protecting rights and freedoms is essential For our democracy to survive, says Brian Peckford

The following is a Freedom Convoy rally in Ottawa on February 12, 2022, performed by former Newfoundland Prime Minister Brian Peckford, the last surviving architect of the Canadian Rights and Freedom Charter. It is a speech that was given.

Let’s declare to the world that we have the right to be here today. Let us declare to the world, the Prime Minister, and all the Prime Ministers of Canada that we have rights and freedoms that we cannot deprive us of.

In 399 BC, Socrates stood before the accusators who defended the right to freedom of speech. This happens to be in our charter. In the 1st century BC, Cicero stood in front of the Roman Senate to protect the rights of Roman citizens. In 1215, aristocrats and the common people stood up and told the monarchy, “We must have individual rights and freedoms.”American settlers [in] In 1776, freedom fought to become an independent state. And in the French Revolution of 1789, the later defeated French peasants sought to defend their individual rights and their right to freedom.

And here we realize today that people are trying to defend the rights we have after that short history of trying to establish their rights. After 2,000, 3,000 years of people have acquired their rights, we are now forced to try to defend our rights. How much ironic history is for us. How much ironic history is for us.

Just beyond Chateau Laurier, in 1981 I proposed to the state Charter Rights, Freedom and Patriation Law. It was ratified, ratified the next day, and became the 1982 Constitution. This law protected your rights as an individual Canadian.

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Brian Peckford will hold a press conference on September 19, 2012 at Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa, highlighting unpublished documents dealing with constitutional patriotization. (Canada Press / Adrian Wild)

There are only two main documents in your constitution. The BNA Act of 1867, which founded the country, and the Constitution of 1982, which enacted the Charter of Rights and Freedom. And in that charter, few people today cite the following: The first word of the Charter is us, not Section 1. The country has two principles. It is the supremacy of God and the rule of law.

Few courts today admit that they operate under these two principles. Everything else comes after that. Section 2 of the Constitution gives freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, and the freedom of dating as we do here today.

Section 6 gives you the right to travel anywhere in Canada or leave Canada. Section 7 gives you the right to life, freedom, and the right to listen to it: human safety. What does human safety mean? You cannot touch me unless I agree. You cannot inject anything into me unless I agree.

And Section 15 of the Charter states that all Canadians, from Prince-Through Part to Bonavista, from Niagara to Iqaluit, all Canadians have equal rights under the law.

They are the four main principles of the Charter of Your Rights and Freedom. Now, with a little time, the Government of Canada is trying to say that these rights can be revoked through Section 1. I want to tell you that I was there. Section 1 is a war, riot, or national threat or danger. It recovered 99% and was never used to fight viruses with a case fatality rate of less than 1%. It is not a threat to the nation. Section 1 is being used illegally by the Government of Canada.

And Canadian ladies and gentlemen, even if it applies to the situation of war riots, must pass four tests before disabling it, the four tests are: , Obviously justify it. It must be done by law. It must be done within reasonable limits. And it must be done in the context of a free and democratic society. They do not meet any of these four tests.

So we are in a situation where we are here. And 114 years later, we finally 114 years later, the Americans founded the country in 1776 and the Bill of Rights in 1791, relying on common law not written to protect our personal rights. Remember what you had. We founded the country in 1867, but the Bill of Rights until 1982. So we only have 40 years. Then someone comes in and tells you and me that you’re going to steal it from us. Is it in the Constitution?

Remember that the Charter of Your Rights and Freedom is not included in the legislative bill. It is not included in the legislature bill. This is something you have to understand. It’s in the Constitution — a decent democratic holy grail. The Constitution means lasting values ​​that cannot be changed overnight to the whims of politicians. These are persistent values.

As a former politician, it’s a really sad day that I have to stand alone on this stage to protect our rights and freedoms. I’m here for several reasons. I am here for my rights and for believing what I say.

I am also here to represent the politicians I know will be on this stage if they are alive. Peter La Fred will be on stage with me today. Alan Blakeney will be on stage here with me today. Bill Bennett will be on stage with me today. And a man named Angus McLean, a man on Prince Edward Island that you don’t know the name of, but I’ll never forget. He was a decent Prince Edward Islander, a great Canadian, and he stood on stage here with me today to uphold the charter he helped create with me and others. ..

So I’m here for those people. But I’m here above all, I’m here above all, to protect what I thought was impossible to override. I am here to protect the rights of you and all Canadians. Because it is very important to our democracy.

This is our first major test as democracy. This is the first big test of the Charter of Rights and Freedom. Will we be taller for charters 114 years later? Are you going to waive your charter rights? I will be taller. Freedom! Freedom!

It’s very sad that some of the former politicians and all the first ministers died today, but there were still many people at the 1982 conference. Former Minister, State Minister, Federal Minister, Former Bureaucrat, Deputy Minister, University Scholar, etc. where are they?

Until recently, I didn’t realize that democracy was one of the most vulnerable concepts in the world, as we have always been a heartbeat away from tyranny. That’s why most of the world doesn’t have democracy. It’s difficult and difficult to maintain. You can create it, but maintaining it is very, very difficult. I see that today. Today it is seen in spades. And I’m going to say that democracy may be vulnerable, but we defend it.

Remember what Ronald Reagan said. Gorbachev, break the wall. Mr. Trudeau, please abandon those missions. Mr. Ford, please remove the emergency order. All Canada’s Prime Ministers and all First Ministers stand for your country, stand for freedom, stand for freedom. What happened to you? You succumbed to the corporate world and power-hungry politics and forgot your country, your freedom and your freedom. But we will ask you for an explanation.


Every day … I’ve always said that it’s easy for everyone to talk to since I filed a personal proceeding against the government. Would you like to take a walk? I will take a walk.

I receive hundreds of emails from Canadians across the country every day. understood. I get hundreds of them. And many of them are heartbreaking when people lose their jobs. A divorced mother of a few children, she is a professional and suddenly she was told she had no work. I have a veteran who shouted at me about what they tried to protect in 1940, 41 and 42 during World War II. I have an immigrant who said he came here for freedom 40 years ago, but now it smells like it’s running away from us and disappearing.

And I had this I wanted to share with you. I was nine years old when the Canadian Rights and Freedom Charter was enshrined in our Constitution. That day stands out in my memory, mostly because my mother lined me up with my three sisters along the couch and she actually told us to watch TV. How can I forget it? But she also remembers what she told me about what we were seeing. She said Canada is home because we have a charter of rights and freedoms. Who could have imagined that the situation was on them that day? Have you ever spoken to me in the process of enacting a charter and thought that our government would probably make the decision to control a pandemic?

Thank you for speaking. You have reminded us of what we have in some cases taught us about our basic freedoms. Since the day I watched TV on my family’s sofa, I haven’t really thought about the Charter of Rights and Freedom. But, thanks to your actions, we learned that it is not true that we only have the freedoms that the government allows, but that we have the basic freedoms that have been unfairly deprived of us. I was surprised.

… Ironically, my family doesn’t currently own a TV. However, we are glued to various internet resources and are completely fascinated by Freedom Convoy, and our hearts are full of joy and enthusiasm. I think it’s because you speak out and educate all of us about the Charter and the rights we are guaranteed. The convoy of this truck is happening and will be successful.

I put my five kids on the couch and talk about the charter, the rights we guarantee, and you can be confident that they know your name and the importance of your actions.

All families visiting our home hear my Brian Peckford speech. You are my hero, Mr. Peckford. You do to ignite our democracy by praying that God will bless you and provide everyone with what it takes to continue this battle until we win. Thank you very much for all the work you have. With respect and gratitude.

We will overcome it and someday we will overcome it. At the bottom of my heart, I believe, we will overcome someday.

all the best. Canada to live long! Thank you for participating in this.

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Brian Peckford


Brian Peckford was the third Prime Minister of Newfoundland and Labrador from 1979 to 1989.

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