Security Audio captures Summer Tatum begging her life before two shootings

The moment before Tatum in the summer was shot twice in her head, she begged for her life and the life of an unborn boy.

Prattville police investigator Wesley Clark said he was able to hear Tatam saying in a home security video. “‘Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt our baby, don’t hurt our baby.'”

“No, stay away from me,” replied her summer husband, Hunter Tatam, Clark testified.

Hunter Tatam was charged with two murders for the deaths of his wife and his boy Everett, and appeared in court on Thursday in front of Autauga County District Judge Joybooth for a preliminary hearing.

Summer Tatum: A childhood friend said that summer Tatam, who became a murdered mother, was happy and chose his son’s name.

Pregnant Summer Tatum died after being shot dead early on Monday, October 18, 2021.

Pregnant Summer Tatum died after being shot dead early on Monday, October 18, 2021.

During the hearing, Clark talked about the moment when Tatum died through his husband’s statement to the investigators and what he could hear in the home security video footage.

The prosecution reaffirmed the allegations that her husband had found an affair with a woman she met online, and briefly touched on the motivation for the shooting. A dispute arose between the couple, and she was packing her bags ready to leave him when the shooting broke out.

Police collected video and audio from three cameras outside the Tatams Sunset Court home after the initial shooting on October 18. Investigators also collected copies of the footage from their neighbor’s house.

“I don’t see much video, but I pick up the audio,” Clark said of his neighbor’s footage. “I hear the victim screaming and two gunshots.”

A camera mounted at the back door of Tatums’ house was aimed at the outer wall of the master bedroom where the first responders found Summer Tatum. According to Clark, the blinds on both exterior windows were open at the time of the incident.

“After two shots, you can see what Mr. Tatam appears to be dragging the victim across the floor,” Clark testified.

At a previous hearing, prosecutors knelt on their backs during a discussion in the couple’s bedroom when Tatum in the summer was shot once near the neck, behind the head, and once near the top of the head. Insisted.

Hunter Tatum’s new lawyer, Clifford Cleveland, has updated his self-defense claim that his client is trying to remove a .38 caliber firearm from Summer Tatum after being armed in combat.

“Have you finished your self-defense investigation?” Cleveland asked Clark.

“The investigation is not over,” Clark said. “I have issued multiple subpoenas.”

Cleveland, who did not represent Tatam at the time Previous hearing, Filing his own petition for bond reduction. Booth had previously set a cash-only provision for Tatum’s $ 400,000 bail.

Cleveland claimed that Tatam was not in danger of flying and was hired competently during the shooting.

“He was the first person to call 911,” Cleveland said. “He agreed to make a statement to the police without hiring a lawyer, as we say. If he intended to escape, he would have done it immediately.”

Chief Deputy District Attorney CJ Robinson pointed out that Tatam called 911, but he did nothing else to help Summer.

“As far as I know, there was no attempt to check her. He did nothing to give help,” Robinson said.

Booth said the grand jury had sufficient evidence to continue the proceedings. She also refused to make changes to Tatam’s bond “due to the very violent nature of the crime.”

After the hearing, Robinson said the capital murder was still at Tatam’s table and a grand jury could increase prosecution.

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