Security concerns are rising as California voters are now able to download ballots at home for call elections


NSThe California Secretary of State has made mail ballots available for download from home for Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall.State legislature passed Measures to send postal ballots to all registered voters, whether or not they request ballots.

The methods adopted by the state add to the concerns already raised by the groups that raised the issue of potential fraud during the 2020 general election.

The technology used in the Secretary of State’s 2020 elections has made it possible to download ballots from home. Report..

The system includes two options, state-wide and Los Angeles County. The state-wide system is called “remotely accessible mail voting (RAVBM)” and allows voters to fill out ballots online, print them out, put them in the mail, or drop them off at polling stations. can.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, the November 2020 vote included “four accredited RAVBM systems.” “Five Sugi Group Alternative Format Ballot v5.2.1, Democracy Live Secure Select 1.2.2, Dominion Voting System Dominion Imagecast Remote 5.10A, and Voting Solution for All People in Los Angeles County Interactive Sample Ballot 2.5. “

RAVBM was created for use by disabled voters, but “all voters” can request it to be used in 2020.

The Los Angeles County option Interactive Sample Ballot (ISB) allows voters to fill out sample ballots online and generate a “ballot.” You can print the pass or the voter can download the QR code and vote at the polling place using the “ballot marking device”.

LA County has created education video Explains how to use RAVBM and ISB. “We have sent voters a sample ballot showing that the ISB system is designed to simplify voting due to the large number of candidates. [43, other than the governor himself] Appears on ballots for national dismissal. “

Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa), a nonpartisan non-profit organization that defends the right of all eligible citizens to vote in California, purchases VoteCal voter registration and voting history files, audits them, and then elects California. He expressed concern about the Release A list of suspicious ballots sent to deceased Californians and non-California residents during the 2020 general election. We also found that 13 counties in California have more registered voters than eligible citizens.

The group sent a letter to the Secretary of State last year expressing concern about the number of registered voters compared to the number voted in the 2020 elections. In the last election, California had 1.8 million more registered voters than qualified citizens, and in the 2020 general election, nearly 124,000 more votes were counted than those who were recorded to vote in the election.

According to an EIPCa assessment, Los Angeles County has 206,728 registrants who have not voted or renewed their registration since November 2008, are listed as “active” voters and receive mail ballots. can do.

EIPCa uses an accurate method of carelessness, and says its findings are likely to underestimate the state’s election issues.

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