Security concerns are rising as PM phone numbers remain online for 15 years

Security concerns have risen after reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s phone number has been published online for 15 years.

The British press reported that Johnson’s number was on the release of a think tank in 2006, when he was the Shadow Minister of Higher Education and was never removed.

Sir Peter Ricketts, a former national security adviser to the David Cameron administration, said there was a risk of hostile nations eavesdropping on the phone.

“I know that modern systems like WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, but I’m wondering if a hostile nation with advanced features has the mobile number itself. “Mr. Ricketts said on the BBC Radio 4 Today show. Friday.

“It needs to increase the risk that they can eavesdrop on at least some of the ongoing communications, and perhaps other non-state actors like sophisticated criminal gangs,” he said.

“There is no way to know if that is true, but if that number is widely available, it should at least increase the risk.”

Mr. Ricketts said that “the most sensitive politician” should not be in a position to contact you when you are the prime minister, who once had your phone number. I have to admit.

He said becoming prime minister was “one of the inconveniences”, but his own interests were “much more digitally safer than it looks today.”

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said “it’s clearly a serious situation” when asked about the prime minister’s phone number during an election campaign in Hull, East Yorkshire.

“It carries security risks,” Starmer said. “And he was warned about it. It’s its own story.”

“Many people will be worried,” Starmer said.

“WhatsApp can do in the prime minister’s favor because privileged access has emerged in the last few weeks.”

A recently leaked text exchange showed that Johnson personally promised Dyson to “fix” tax status issues for Dyson employees after lobbying directly from entrepreneurs. ..

Dyson, now based in Singapore, wants assurance that staff will not have to pay additional taxes if they come to the UK to work on the production of the ventilator needed early on for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. I was there. Pandemic.

Both said they didn’t do anything wrong.

The disclosure of the Prime Minister’s number is “further evidence that they have essentially one rule and everyone else has another,” Starmer said.

Starmer added that he changed the number when he became the prosecutor’s chief and kept the number safe ever since.

Interior Minister Victoria Atkins claimed that Boris Johnson was aware of his responsibility for national security.

“The prime minister knows his responsibility for national security more than anyone else,” she told Times Radio Breakfast.

“I’m a little surprised that broadcasters across the country felt it was appropriate to advertise the fact that mobile phones are on the Internet.”

She added that she believes the public is not “particularly interested” in this issue.

Treasury Minister Rishi Sunak said he believed that all security protocols were being followed.

“As far as I know, all security protocols are adhered to,” Snack said during a visit to the Northern School of Art in Hartlepool, northeast England.

“What makes the Prime Minister special is that he is an incredibly friendly person.

“No matter where he is, people feel that they have a relationship with him, can talk to him, and they can convey their thoughts to him,” Sunak said.

“It’s important as a politician to allow us to hear it and make it happen.

The prime minister raised the issue while Hartlepool’s “not alone” was talking to him, saying they were talking about work, freeport, and the economy instead.

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