Security-focused EU strengthens humanitarian aid to Afghans

The EU announces an enhanced Afghanistan aid program, stating that authorities will provide on-site security and coordination with the United Nations as Brock executives and G7 leaders are preparing to discuss the country’s crisis. bottom.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the European Union would help the remaining Afghan and those who fled the country from € 50 million ($ 58.7 million) to € 200 million ($ 58.7 million). It will increase to $ 235 million).

According to EU officials, the Taliban has regained control of the country, making aid provision more complex and coordination with the United Nations on its distribution is important to reach the most vulnerable people, especially women and girls. ..

“We need a very clear guarantee that safe access to affected communities and safe movement of humanitarian staff will be provided,” said an EU official who said staff included female employees. He said he was.

“In addition to Member States’ contributions to helping the people of Afghanistan,” Von der Leyen said on Twitter that enhanced assistance would be provided and that additional assistance would be announced at the summit on Tuesday.

Von der Reyen will join the G7 leaders with President Charles Michel of the European Council. A press conference after the summit is scheduled around 15:00 GMT.

Officials said the meeting’s top priority was to coordinate the evacuation of potentially vulnerable foreigners and people from Kabul Airport.

European Commission spokesperson Eric Mamer said all EU delegation staff and their families had been evacuated, leaving only the EU’s core at the airport.

Western troops expel people before the August 31 deadline on Tuesday as U.S. President Joe Biden faces increasing pressure to negotiate more time for the thousands of airlifters trying to flee. I was working hard for that.

Afghanistan has long been the largest beneficiary of EU development aid and was in a different category than the more basic humanitarian aid, but after the Taliban hijacked, Brock stopped such aid.

The EU will begin discussions this week on how recent developments in Afghanistan could impact block security and migration in 27 countries.

By Sabine Siebold and John Chalmers


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