Security guards against abortion group charged after using pepper spray in protest, according to California officials


U.S. anti-abortion group shifts focus to voting restrictions

Election attention is growing unexpectedly to provide grassroots power and funding for efforts to make it difficult for anti-abortion activists to vote in the March for Life in Washington, DC on January 29. I’m from the corner. Photo: Will Oliver / EPA Subscribe to Guardian Voting Newsletter? In the months since Donald Trump lost his reelection bid, traditionally focused on abortion and lobbying for LGBTQ + rights The conservative group that was there has moved to support the new voting restrictions. Grassroots power and money for efforts to make voting difficult. Increasing interest in elections comes from unexpected corners such as the Susan B. Anthony List, which has traditionally focused specifically on restricting access to abortion. The group has announced its intention to spend millions of dollars on a joint “Election Transparency Initiative” with the American Principles Project, which until recently focused on limiting transgender participation in sports. The effort aims to abolish the National Voting Rights Act proposed by Democrats in Washington, DC and mobilize state legislators and volunteers. “I’m not ready to say that everything President Trump threw there after the election was accurate, but it motivated those who were difficult to frankly motivate years ago. Homeland security for the Trump administration tapped to lead the effort. “That’s my own experience with this issue,” he added. In an interview, Kutchinelli said members of the organization “requested” to tackle the election issue “as a prerequisite for being able to file a prolife proceeding” to further limit the right to abortion. The voting rights pivot is after the same group has invested tens of millions of dollars to support Trump’s 2020 campaign. This was defined by the almost daily claim that there was widespread fraudulent voting. Susan B. Anthony List has spent $ 52 million to support the former president, making it the most expensive campaign in the history of the organization. Now their full support has left the group in captivity. Some small donors who believe that fraud is widespread do not know why they need to donate to campaigns if the process is fraudulent. “Another member said,’I don’t know if I need to worry more. This is a rogue system,” said Cuccinelli. “This is their view, whether correct or not.” If this isn’t fixed, I really don’t want to stay involved. “Evidence of fraud and other fraud in the 2020 elections. there is no. The court repeatedly rejected such allegations from Trump and his allies. Nonetheless, experts said support for voting rights and limiting LGBTQ + people’s rights strongly correlates with the belief that elections are fraudulent.Big lie of stolen elections [Trump] Promoted … Andrew Whitehead, “The Big Lie of the Stolen Election,” Established in the Religious Community [Trump] Andrew Whitehead, an associate professor of sociology at Indiana University and the author of the recent “Taking Back America for God: Christian Nationalism in the United States,” said: “There is real distrust in elections, electoral fraud, and questioning whether Biden is a legitimate president.” “I don’t know how the genie will be returned to the bottle.” He added. Anti-abortion groups are now beginning to believe that reducing voters is essential to achieving their goals. In a statement, Susan B. Anthony List’s president, Marjorie Dannenfelser, said the group’s ability to select pro-life candidates relied on a “transparent and fair election process.” “The integrity of our electoral system was severely undermined in 2020, when pro-abortion Democrats used the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to undermine state law that guarantees free and fair elections.” She said in a statement. Conservative support for voting bans entails significant financial support. The Heritage Foundation’s political department, an influential and conservative group that has long supported voting restrictions, recently announced that it will spend $ 10 million on efforts to promote voting restrictions. Freedom Works, a group that helped popularize the Tea Party movement, has its own $ 10 million initiative led by Cleta Mitchell, who was calling between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Lafenceparger. Trump urged Lafence Purger to overthrow. Georgia election results. Demonstrators will protest voting restrictions in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 4. Photo: According to the Dustin Chambers / Reuters New York Times, the Family Research Council, which recently defended the issue at Town Hall, has also participated in the effort. “There is action going on to go back and fix what was revealed in this last election,” said group leader Tony Perkins. This group has been designated as a hatred group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and is described as specializing in “defamation of LGBTQ people.” All of these groups are working to put pressure on individual US senators, who are considered swing votes, in order not to support the Democratic Party’s push to expand its voting rights. According to New Yorkers, they held a rally in West Virginia targeting US Senator Joe Manchin of the Middle Democratic Party. Many of the most enthusiastic supporters of abortion bans support anti-voting rights in places such as Arizona, Georgia and Texas. These three states are at the forefront of a thorough effort across the United States to make voting difficult. In Arizona, Republican lawmaker Walter Blackman submitted an abortion ban bill in this session to prosecute women and doctors for first-class murder. The crime has been sentenced to death in Arizona. Blackman, who sought to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, sponsored or co-sponsored four bills stating that the Brennan Center for Justice would limit voting in Arizona. Blackman tweeted in November that he wanted to prevent Arizona from becoming a “third world country when it comes to elections.” In Texas in 2019, Republican legislator Briscoe Cain created the Texas version of the so-called “Heartbeat Bill.” This is an abortion ban for an additional 6 weeks. Cain may also create a radical bill that includes new voting restrictions that prohibit mailing absentee ballot applications to voters, empowering voting watchers and increasing their chances of threatening voters. there is. The American Civil Liberties Union in Texas said the measure “would make voting potentially dangerous with a new series of extreme criminal penalties.” Grassroots instigators, once considered too extreme to be seriously considered, gained momentum during the Trump administration, but decided to forge an election conspiracy theory to justify restrictions on election rights. Also stood out. Ohio-based anti-abortion militant Janet Porter, who wrote the ban on abortion for the first six weeks, has been pushing for fraudulent conspiracy theories even before Trump lost his reelection bid. “These are machines that are directly connected to George Soros. This is a huge problem,” Porter said in an evangelical television show in late November 2020. The show currently includes a YouTube disclaimer for false elections. But doubling big lies comes with risks. The Anti-Election Act threatens to revoke the interests Trump has gained from black and Latin voters. They will be disproportionately hurt by the anti-election law. “Republicans and the Christian Right have invested enormous amounts in the recruitment of minorities,” said Fred Clarkson, a religious right expert and researcher at Political Research Associates. “This is an underestimated part of the strategy.” It seems in some respects to oppose the voter repression bill, which has a clear disproportionate impact on the poor and voters, “Clarkson said. It was. Sociologist Whitehead said he believes Trump’s opposition voting campaign will be a decisive feature of lobbying for the right wing of the Christian right. “I think it will have a big effect and will last for decades to come.”