Security minister was ‘very persistent’ telling RCMP about convoy protests: Lucki

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino was “very persistent” in talking to the RCMP about handling the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa after the emergency law was invoked, says RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lackey. said.

“My minister is very persistent,” said Lucki, as quoted in the minutes of a Feb. 15 conference call with the Ontario Police (OPP) and Ottawa Police Service (OPS) obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter. says Mr.

“Plan with engagement in mind, reduce your footprint, lock down the city for the weekend. No more people coming,” Lucky also said.

The government invoked the state of emergency law just one day before the conference call. Lucki is quoted as saying she attended another conference call with the same police on Feb. 15, the minutes of which said she needed to get rid of her Freedom Convoy protesters sooner. It had been.

“I’ve never seen a move, I’ve never seen a mission,” she said. “We don’t operate like this. Something needs to change. We have laws that say we can’t participate in this. Let’s use it.”

“The police’s reputation is at stake here,” she added.

Mendicino told House Public Security Committee In February, he never once attempted to direct police services during a motorcade protest.

“Invoking the emergency law did not give the federal government the authority to direct the police service of any jurisdiction,” he said on February 25, adding, “The federal government has a very strong presence. , supported the local police,” he added.

“I heard the commissioner say she was in contact with the city to provide that assistance,” he told the commission.

‘No Questions Asked’ for Demanding Acts: Lucky

Mendicino and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau later said the government had invoked the emergency law because police advised them to do so.

“The government continued to engage with law enforcement agencies to ensure they had the support and resources they needed. The advice they received was to invoke the emergency law,” Mendicino said in a joint parliamentary statement. Committee Following the declaration of a state of emergency on April 26th.

“We invoked this law because, at the time, it was the advice of professional law enforcement agencies, bipartisan, that existing authorities were ineffective in restoring public safety.”

Prime Minister Trudeau told the House of Commons on April 27 that he invoked the Emergency Act after receiving advice from law enforcement.

Mendicino recently House On October 28, the government invoked the emergency law “on the advice of law enforcement agencies.”

However, Lucki denies that he has ever asked the government to invoke the law.

“We are not in a position to influence the government as to when or where it will invoke any particular action,” Lucky said. Committee Following the state of emergency declared on May 10th.

Senator Vernon White asked Lucky if the RCMP had ever asked “the government or its representatives to invoke the emergency law.”

“No, there was no question of calling for emergency legislation,” Lucki replied.

Noé Chartier contributed to this report.

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Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.