See a man charged with a crocodile in Florida Park


Most of our Florida people can experience our entire life without coming Face to face with a crocodileThere are many here and there.

But one particular person cannot say the same thing. Foster Torbjornsen told believers that while walking near his home on Monday, a Seminole man found a large crocodile floating in a lake about 20 feet from the shore.

was Largo’s John S. Taylor Park -same place Crocodile killed a man The person who was looking for Frisbee last week.

“He was the largest crocodile I’ve seen in the wild (8-10 feet long),” writes Torbjornsen, who wasn’t afraid enough to take pictures.

Professional photographers said they stopped close-ups with zoom lenses while the animals were staring with “cold, dark, menacing eyes.”

When he turned away for a moment to check the camera, the reptile “immediately swam to the shore and rushed towards me,” stopping less than 10 feet.

“The timing of his indictment was intentional,” Torbjornsen wrote about the encounter. “He was waiting for me to turn around and look away. It was nerve-wracking and intense.”

People from New York say the steep embankments and trees that separate him from the animals made him feel safer. Technically it wasn’t. Gator is known to be a good mountaineer.

yes. The situation could have been different, as was the case with 47-year-old Sean Tomas McGuinness, who was killed by a crocodile at Taylor Park.That animal Allegedly euthanized At outdoor facilities where a clear “no swimming” sign is posted throughout.

“According to park management, McGuinness was known to frequently enter and exit the park, ignoring the” no swimming “sign posted, and enter the lake,” Largo police said in a statement. I am.

According to the FWC, all waters of Florida may be inhabited or visited by crocodiles. Therefore, always be careful and keep small children and pets at a safe distance.

The state reported in 2021 that Sunshine is typically bitten by about eight crocodiles a year and has killed only 26 people since 1948.

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