See Eurovision 2022 entry in the UK

Sam rider Represents the UK this year Eurovision Song contest.

32 years old Announced as a UK entry in MarchAnd will play his original song “Space Man” at the Grand Final in Turin, Italy on Saturday, May 14th.

Before being selected to participate in Eurovision Riders already named themselves on TikTok By sharing the cover of the hit song along with his own original music during the lockdown.

He is currently one of the top five favorites to win this year’s contest and supports previous comments from fans that “Spaceman” has significantly improved other recent UK entries.

We caught up with him before the final and saw him.

Hello Sam-What do you think of Eurovision?

I feel absolutely great! The energy is good, the arena is coming back to life every day …

Did you hesitate to participate in Eurovision?

No, I’m a fan anyway, so if I was hesitant, I would have denied the opportunity or experience I wanted to participate in, but that didn’t seem to be true.

How was your support for “Spaceman”?

It’s amazing. The whole team worked hard all over Europe and spent as much time as possible singing on TV, radio and street corners … wherever we were, there was only kindness and a good atmosphere.

Did you have any thoughts on how you want to change your career and how reality is compared?

I didn’t know anything, so I’m glad I came back to this experience. With TikTok and online video sharing during lockdown, I didn’t expect that to happen. [Eurovision] Similarly, don’t expect or demand anything to love it and in return.

Who is looking forward to this week’s performance?

Everyone has put a lot of effort into shows, performances and staging … I think everything will be unrealistic. From the beginning, I tried to reduce spoilers as much as possible, so I will watch over not only as a performer but also as a fan.

Who are you going to beat?

As I said, I’m not going to participate in Eurovision with that idea. It’s a love of singing and songwriting, and generally a fan of Eurovision. The scoreboard should be considered later, focusing only on the song and enjoying the whole experience!

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