See inside a 958-foot cargo ship, from the crew’s quarters to the huge engine room

Maersk cargo ship

Top view of Maersk, Ohio Courtesy of Brian Boyle

  • On a video tour of a Maersk freighter, a merchant ship captured life at sea.

  • The video shows techniques that can help guide the ship and crew’s living quarters.

  • Second Officer Brian Boyle said his work gave him the opportunity to explore many destinations.

Merchant ship I did a tour Of a 958-foot cargo ship showing the complexity of a large cargo ship to carry 90% of the world’s products.

In video, Second Officer Brian Boyle It records not only the crew and officers’ quarters of the Maersk ship, which was cast in 2006, but also the vast number of dynamics that keep the ship moving.

The video was shot in 2019, but Boyle told insiders that he was providing insights into the lives of seafarers today. Hundreds of cargo ships are waiting to berth at US ports.

The ship’s voyage departs from Norfolk, Virginia, and anchors several times in the United States before leaving for Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, to name a few destinations.

“I had the opportunity to work on some interesting ships,” Boyle told the insider. “I’ve come to places that even ordinary people don’t know. That’s one of the most fascinating aspects of work.”

Boyle said he was thrilled to reach his new destination and remembered how he spent more than a month in Africa on a single trip. However, the time for crews to explore new destinations is decreasing year by year as ships are rushing to and from the port as soon as possible and early COVID-19 restrictions limit crew excursions. He said.

The video shows Boyle’s quarters and movie lockers holding hundreds of titles.

Maersk Second Officer Residence

Boyle’s living quarters on board Courtesy of Brian Boyle

Cargo ships have limited entertainment options for a crew of 20-25. According to Boyle, worker vacations can include not only gym time, but also a combination of movies and games.

The video shows an executive lounge with a table tennis table and TV, and a general crew lounge with a poker table. Boyle explained that during the pandemic, the crew was further limited in what they could pursue on board.

“Many ships weren’t allowed to eat or go to the gym with fellow crew members,” Boyle told insiders. “You could only enter your room or workplace.”

Look at the view of the crew’s dining room below.

Crew Confusion Maersk

Crew dining room Courtesy of Brian Boyle

The video also highlights a combination of old and new technologies that help keep the supply chain running, pairing an engine control room that appears to belong to a spacecraft with a huge gyro compass.

Maersk engine control room

Engine control room Courtesy of Brian Boyle

The nautical bridge also provides an unlimited view of the waters ahead and serves as a space where the captain and officers can control the entire operation of the ship.

Maersk Bridge

Navigation bridge Courtesy of Brian Boyle

The ship has a huge gyro compass to help guide you along the way.

The first nautical resistant gyro compass was manufactured in 1908. It acts as a type of non-magnetic compass that uses a fast-rotating disk and the Earth’s rotation to find its geographical orientation.

Maersk Gyro Compass

Ship gyro compass Courtesy of Brian Boyle

The video shows the engine room and a large combustion engine that helps power a similarly huge propeller.

Maersk engine

That engine Brian Boyle

Boyle also takes viewers on a tour of the ship’s exterior, labels individual parts of the ship, and even tours the ship’s lifeboat.

Maersk lifeboat

Ship lifeboat Courtesy of Brian Boyle

The video ends with showing how the ship is pulled up to a German dock.

A huge crane ejects a 20-foot container from the ship. More cranes gradually transship new containers before the Maersk Ohio vessel returns to Norfolk, Virginia.


Crane unloads a 20-foot container from the ship Courtesy of Brian Boyle

Watch the full video of Boyle on YouTube.

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