See Lockdown Announced in South China for Rapidly Spreading, Deadly COVID-19 Variants

Cases of the COVID-19 variant have spread to Guangdong Province, a coastal region in southern China. Municipal authorities report that infections in all regions are associated with infectious diseases. Indian and British variantsAnd because of its high transmittance, it is spreading rapidly.

The day before, China’s National Health Commission recorded zero infected people confirmed in the country the day before, after Confirmed In the last 24 hours, 20 new locally infected COVID-19 cases were all from Guangdong, except for 7 imported cases from Guangdong, Shanghai, Fujian and Henan. Three new asymptomatic cases of locally infected COVID-19 have also been reported in the southern provinces, but China has not classified them as confirmed cases.

The case confirmed in Guangdong originated from a baby girl named Liang, 1 year and 1 month old.

Chen Bin, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Health and Health Commission, the capital of Guangdong Province, said: Said At a press conference on May 30, he said a recent case was a virus of a rapidly spreading new Indian variant.

This is the first time that Chinese authorities have publicly confirmed that Indian variants are transmitted in mainland China.

Recent transmission routes have been tracked through five individuals in central Guangdong, China’s national media. report..

Authorities have also begun broader universal testing and stricter traffic regulations to curb the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus (COVID-19, the cause of the disease), commonly known as the new coronavirus. Announced.

According to the latest notification Passengers leaving Guangzhou from 10 pm on May 31, issued by the Guangzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Agency, are required to present a green health code and a COVID-19 test negative within the last 72 hours.

The scope of inspection has been expanded to Yuexiu, Haizhu, Tianhe, Hakuun, and Banyu of districts in Guangdong Province. In addition, the first case was reported locally, extending to the Li Bay Area, where a female patent for a 75-year-old female patent named Guo was reported. We ate at a local dim sum restaurant on May 21st.

One of the waiting staff was asymptomatically infected and did not wear a mask when delivering food to Mr. Guo.

Local officials have announced the blockade of certain communities in the allegedly high-risk district of Liwan and have stopped unnecessary and urgent daily activities. Up to one person per household per day can go out to buy daily necessities.

Security guard at Li Bay Pui Chun Elementary School Said The Epoch Times of China that the school and its surroundings were closed. They said police were everywhere and people couldn’t move around. Authorities did not provide an official announcement of the blockade, he said.

Meanwhile, a British virus variant was officially reported in Shenzhen, China’s high-tech metropolis in Guangdong Province. The total number of local cases has increased to 13 since a new surge was detected in Shenzhen on May 21st.

Patient sequencing results were very similar to the UK mutants, said Chang Juping, Deputy Director of the City Health Commission.

Studies show that the so-called B.117 subspecies, which peaked in the UK earlier this year, is up to twice as deadly as normal variants.

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