See the failed “high diving” of turtles into a pond in North Carolina. “This is a pain.”

The stubborn North Carolina snapping turtle made a hit on social media after revealing that videos shared on Twitter and Facebook were stuck while trying to be carefree and impulsive.

Video recorded at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill shows what the turtle is trying to do “High dive” From the promenade to the muddy pond.

That’s what most creatures do in a blink of an eye, but slow-moving turtles get caught in something. It wobbles at the edges, stretches its neck towards the water, and tries to reach with its flippers.

This follows what gravity begins, the turtle flips over, and feels like eternity before it first lands in the pond.

The 34-second video has been viewed thousands of times since it was posted on Wednesday, with thousands of reactions and comments. For this “Embarrassing” Turtle results “Do something impulsive.”

“I completely equate this turtle.” Lindsey Shore-Light Tweeted.

“My actual footage of returning to socializing 15 months later” Alison Port Noura Slop wrote..

“This is painful to see. Hmm. Suspense.” Posted by a person named Nednared.

The dive was shot in the area where garden employee Matt Daley painted “Open Savannah and Tangled Pocosin.” Features of the southeast coastal plain“Garden says on its website.

“The turtle in the video is the snapping turtle we live in, and she (?) Has lived in the garden for a long time,” Jennifer Peterson, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Botanical Garden, told McClutch News.

“She jumps through our coastal plain habitat and over a promenade over Turtle Pond (named after her). I think she’s the only snapping turtle in the garden right now.”

Snapping turtles can reach up to £ 80 in captivity and can live for over 40 years.Snap and actively chew When processed, “according to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.