See the horrifying Texas giant red-headed centipede

You may have heard of invasive spiders, The size of a child’s hand, It is expected to appear along most of the east coast this spring.

Catch up quickly: Large Nephila clavata (millions) are expected to travel with the wind using the web like parachutes. According to a study on February 17th From a researcher at the University of Georgia.

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Big picture: Spider SchmiderAs I say in Central Texas.

  • Nephila clavata is actually harmless to humans because its fangs are too small to break human skin.

  • Caution: They are named after Jorōgumo, a Japanese folklore spider-like creature that can transform into a female to seduce prey.

Now this is a knife: It’s the giant Texas red-headed centipede that sweats cold.

  • It’s a toxic crawler that can grow to at least 8 inches (!) length.

  • The head and the first two body parts are red, the other body parts are usually black, with traces of green.With its yellow feet, it looks Like a radioactive one..

  • Any of those 20 feet can deliver poison, Excrete poison into fresh fillets With that foot.

  • Centipedes can eat lizards and catch insects flying from the air — and their sharp, painful bites can lead to swelling, headaches and nausea in humans — Sometimes you are thinking... “

  • You will want to check They are not hiding in that blouse You are about to wear

true story: Usher once found a red-headed centipede on the carpet of a hill country house. I was playing a while ago..

Threat level: Someone grab the shovel and crush the living hell from it!

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